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Celebs Are Playing With The FaceApp Ageing Feature And The Results Are Amazing

Celebs Are Playing With The FaceApp Ageing Feature And The Results Are Amazing

Gordon Ramsay's is so amazing.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Forget the gender swap app, bunny filters or FaceTuning, we're currently all obsessed with seeing what we'll look like when we are older - and the celebs are not immune.

Face altering app FaceApp, developed by Russian company Wireless Lab, was first launched in 2017 but has resurfaced in the last few days thanks to a more realistic update on its aging feature.

Now, users can imagine themselves in 50 years time with terrifying realism; think wrinkles, beards and double chins...

The celeb set has been enjoying the feature as much as us.

We've already had a look into what the Jonas Brothers might look like aged 70 (Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, it ain't a bad thing), Sam Smith's given us a taste of him as a future silver fox, and Marvin Humes has shared what he might look like as an OAP (balding, unfortunately).

However the greatest face swap to date has to courtesy of Gordon Ramsay, who shared a shockingly realistic vision of him as an old man on Twitter, captioning the photo: "Me hosting #MasterChef Season 50." LOLs.

And for those celebrities that haven't got involved yet, the trusty fold of the Internet have done the job for us.

Even the Love Island contestants have had an old-age reimagining!

Take a look at our favourites so far...

More from where this came from please!

While the FaceApp has brought us untold amounts of joy, people are warning that the app can access, store and edit photos from your camera roll without your permission.

The terms and conditions of the app state that by using FaceApp, you grant it: "Perpetual, irrevocable... royalty-free... license to use, adapt, publish, distribute your user content... in all media formats... when you post or otherwise share."

So don't ageify any pics you wouldn't be happy with your actual gran seeing... ok?

Featured Image Credit: Masterchef/FOX

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