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You Can Now Get A Kardashians Version Of Cards Against Humanity

You Can Now Get A Kardashians Version Of Cards Against Humanity

If you love following the glamorous fam on Instagram, this one's for you.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We've all played Cards Against Humanity before but fans of the Kardashian-Jenners are sure to love the game's newest edition.

Cards Against Kardashians sees the NSFW party game tweaked towards the famous family.

According to the makers, it's all about 'using rude and offensive Kardashian-themed humour', while they warn it's 'not for the easily offended'.

As in the original game, each player will need to be dealt 10 of the white 'answer cards' each.

They'll then take it in turns to select a black 'question card' which needs to be read out loud by whoever picks it up.

Each player then looks through all of their white answer cards and chooses the funniest, most bizarre answer to the question on the black card - except this time they're all to do with the Kardashian-Jenners.

For example, the black cards feature statements such as 'Kylie Cosmetics was found to be using _____ in its products' and 'Kanye's plans for world domination begin with ______'.

The cards are packed with risque Kardashian references (
Cards Against Kardashian)

In total there are 276 black cards with pink script and 596 white cards with black script, so there's enough to play countless games without coming across the same cards again.

"Feel like being as rude and outrageous as the Kardashian's themselves? The best option you've got is to play 'Cards Against The Kardashians' - a Limited Edition card game with the theme of the TV show The Kardashians," say the game creators.

"For Adults Only, this card game is all about playful, bad behavior with your best friends. It's time you got them together and put some life and laughter into the party."

The game is available to buy online and it's currently on offer for $37.95 (£30.76) down from $59.95 (£48.59).

The party game is perfect for 'KUWTK' fans (
Cards Against Kardashians)

Be warned though, the game is being shipped from the US so there might be some hefty shipping charges on top of that.

We think it'll be worth it though. If you can quote scenes from KUWTK and love following the glamorous fam on Instagram, this sounds like the game for you.


Featured Image Credit: Cards Against Kardashians

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