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Louis Theroux Action Figures Are Coming And People Want To Collect Them

Louis Theroux Action Figures Are Coming And People Want To Collect Them

The ultimate accessory for every Louis fan.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Someone has created a line of Louis Theroux action figures and they really are the unlikely trinket we never knew we needed.

Move aside Action Man and Barbie - these mini Louis figurines are both adorable and educational.

The action figures are based on Louis' documentary series, Weird Weekends which started in 1998.

It spanned across three series between 1998 and 2000 and while we're obviously of the opinion that Louis only gets better with age, the Weird Weekends era is often considered his golden years.

So to mark the brilliant documentary series, one fan has created an action figure for every single episode. That's 17, to be precise.

And there is no judgement here - it's merely another way to celebrate Louis in all his glory and we welcome that.

The figurines were shared on a Reddit thread where the fan posted an image.

"Louis Weird Weekends action figures. I made a one for every episode," they wrote.

Over on Twitter, the images managed to find their way to the man himself, who was clearly impressed with the handiwork.

Retweeting the post, he simply commented: "Whaaaaaaaat!"

Incredibly, each figure represents the subject of each ep, including a 'Weird Christmas' figurine as well as a 'Wrestling'-inspired design.

The creator explained the most difficult one to make was the 'Demolition Derby' figurine from series two - but we think they've done an incredible job.

And users on Reddit agree, with many *begging* to get their hands on them. In fact, several urged the creative fan to start selling their designs.

An image of the action figures has made its way to the man himself (

One simply wrote: "Take my money" while an Instagram user commented: "When will you be selling this? It's literally the most insane awesome thing ever."

Others begged to know how they could put an order in, while the creator explained they may be listed on eBay in the near future.

They also promised to upload some close-up snaps onto their Instagram soon which we'll definitely be looking out for.

We literally can't think of a better hobby than collecting these. Or better still, *making* them.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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