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A 'Downton Abbey' Christmas Cookbook Is Coming

A 'Downton Abbey' Christmas Cookbook Is Coming

The cookbook contains historically accurate recipes!

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook is coming so fans will be able to live out their Crawley family festive fantasies.

The cookbook - which is released on 21st October 2020, but available to preorder now - contains historically accurate recipes from the Edwardian period that would be typically eaten at Christmas.

The coffee table hardback contains 85 traditional British recipes and they sound positively delish!

The 'Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook' is out on October 21st (

Recipes range from soups (including Pheasant Soup) to fish and shellfish dishes (such as Baked John Dory and Rissoles of Salmon) and meat, game and roast dinners (including Duck with Orange, Lemon and Olives or Mutton Chops with Crispy Herb Crust - mmmm!).

There also sides and vegetables (like Stewed Figs and Stuffed Mushrooms), sauces (like Bread Sauce and Brandy Butter) and savouries (such as Anchovy Eclairs and Angels on Horseback).

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without some delicious sweet treats and desserts too, including Plum, Fig and Wartime Christmas Puddings. There's even a range of festive drinks such as a classic Mulled Wine, English Punch and a Smoking Bishop cocktail.

We want to try all of these now!

Traditional dishes include Rissoles of Salmon (

"This elegant coffee table cookbook highlights the luxe and elegance of the Christmas at Downton Abbey and features a collection of traditional British holiday recipes, from appetisers to desserts, that were popular during the Edwardian period," reads the book's description.

"Take a seat at the Christmas table of Downton Abbey, the historic British estate at the heart of the popular ITV series. Downton fans will appreciate this enticing collection of classic British holiday recipes from the Edwardian era, evocative narratives about Christmas traditions, and seasonal anecdotes from the award-winning series."

As well as recipes, the book contains a foreword from Downton screenwriter Julian Fellowes, gorgeous coloured photos of the finished dishes as well as fan-favourite moments from the Christmas episodes, and excerpts of character quotes making the book a complete treat for fans.

The book also contains snippets from the Christmas episodes (

Written by Regula Ysewijn, the cookbook is currently retailing at £19.99 - down from £24.99. You can preorder the book on Amazon now.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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