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Tiger King's Jeff Lowe Has All Remaining Tigers Confiscated From His Park

Tiger King's Jeff Lowe Has All Remaining Tigers Confiscated From His Park

Nearly 70 big cats have been seized by authorities.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

The US Justice Department have seized 68 big cats from Tiger King star Jeffrey Lowe's animal park.

The removal of the animals, which included a mixture of lions, tigers, ligers and a jaguar, came about after concerns were raised about how Jeffrey and his wife, Lauren, were treating the big cats.

A civil complaint filed against the couple in November last year accused the couple of inhumane treatment and improper care.

Jeff Lowe and Lauren Dropla have been accused of improper treatment (

In a statement issued by the Department of Justice, the cats had been seized from Jeffrey's park in Thackerville, Oklahoma after a number of inspections allegedly revealed neither Jeffery and Lauren had provided adequate care for the animals. The DOJ claims that the big cats did not have proper veterinary care, nutrition or shelter.

Investigators have claimed some of the big cats were exhibiting symptoms of high anxiety and stress, with several losing their fur, losing weight, or having signs of untreated wounds.

"This seizure should send a clear message that the Justice Department takes alleged harm to captive-bred animals protected under the Endangered Species Act very seriously," said acting assistant attorney general, Jean Williams, of the DOJ's environment and natural resources division.

In a statement issued to Tyla, a spokesperson from non-profit organisation PeTA said: "There are no tigers left at Tiger King Park, and the Lowes' reign of terror against threatened and endangered big cats may soon be over. If PETA has its way, these Tiger King villains will lose every other animal in their custody, too."

Jeff shot to fame in March last year as part of hugely successful Netflix documentary, Tiger King.

Joe Exotic was explored in Tiger King (

The seven part series focused on Joe Exotic, an infamous collector of big cats and his zoo in Oklahoma, and his rivalry with Carole Baskin - an animals rights activist and founder of Big Cat Rescue.

Joe accused Carole of killing her husband and feeding his remains to her big cats - claims Carole has always vehemently denied.

Joe is now serving a 22 year prison sentence after he tried to hire an undercover FBI agent to assassinate Carole.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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