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Love Island: What Happened To The People Who Were Dumped First?

Love Island: What Happened To The People Who Were Dumped First?

Well, someone’s got to be first, right?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Love Island is finally back on our screens, and we're more than ready for a long hot summer of cracking on, mugging off and coupling up.

We may only be a few days in to the new season, but already we've seen one of the most brutal dumping in the show's history, with Shannon being given the boot after suddenly being left single. But hey, somebody's got to go first...

So while we know pretty much everything about every winning Love Island couple ever (and some other villa favourites), here at Tyla, we did some digging into what became of the Love Island losers after their untimely dumping from the villa.

Here's where they are now...

Love Island 2015: John and Tony Alberti

The Alberti Twins have all grown up (
ITV/Instagram - thealbertitwins)

Yep, move over Jess and Eve, the OG Love Island fans will remember the first twins to ever grace the villa, Italian stallions John and Tony Alberti.

Although the gorgeous pair, who were based in Manchester in 2015, would turn heads in other field, the twosome failed to couple up with anyone on Majorca and were promptly sent home just a few days later.

John and Tony, now 35, have pivoted away from the usual tried-and-tested Love Island path of influencing and endorsing, with the pair now sharing a YouTube channel where they show people how to cook traditional Italian dishes.

The twins have also featured on NBC's The Today Show, and released a book in 2019 titled Twintastico, showcasing some of their best recipes. No teeth-whitening sponsorship needed for these two.

Love Island 2016: Javi Shephard

Javi Shephard is now engaged (
ITV/Instagram - Javi Shephard)

Tall, tanned, toned and Northern - property developer Javi is traditional Love Island stock, but he failed to impress when he headed to the villa in 2016.

After being pied off repeatedly, Javi will probably be most fondly remembered for when he practically begged Zara 'Miss GB' McDermott to couple up with him so he could stay in the show - with his pleas going unheard.

After telling Digital Spy that he was 'too cultured' for the other girls in the villa, it seems Javi returned to his normal life, only with a few extra Instagram followers and an endorsement for a beauty brand. But he's certainly had greater success with the ladies post-villa, having proposed to his girlfriend Amy in March 2020 during a romantic holiday to New York. N'awwwh.

Love Island 2017: Harley Judge

Harley got even more swole (
ITV - Instagram - harleyjudge)

Oh Harley. Things looked so promising for the 22-year-old when he entered the villa, coupling up with Amber and the two sharing a kiss on the very first night in 2017.

Until, of course, Amber's head turned by Kem, and well, the rest is history.

Harley was trolled for this pic, which he had captioned 'Stay Humble' (
Instagram - harleyjudge)

After failing to couple up with any of the other girls, Harley was booted from the series - but still gained a fair amount of attention from his time on the show, having gained 35,000 followers in six days (and cringed the world when he told everyone he was planning on #stayinghumble with his newfound fame).

Now 26, Harley has changed career direction - and has gone from being a grounds worker to being a fitness model and personal trainer, who literally looks like he could punch through solid brickwork.

Harley has also found love with fellow personal trainer Lauren Brown, with the pair posting about each other on Insta. Seems like Harley never needed Love Island after all.

Love Island 2018: Kendall Rae Knight

Kendall Rae Knight went on to be an influencer (
ITV/Instagram - kendallraeknight)

Kendall was a firm favourite at the beginning of Love Island 2018, having come on the show looking to find The One after splitting from her fiance. And while buff bad boy Adam Collard's head was turned by the petite brunette, he decided to pie Kendall off for lawyer Rosie Walsh.

Despite being gutted at being the first one dumped, Kendall has since gone on to be a fairly successful influencer in her own right.

The 29-year-old posts lots of #sponsored ads on her Instagram (which boasts nearly 840,000 followers) and enjoys a number of plush, luxury getaways with her football player boyfriend Andrew Hughes. Who even needs a £50,000 cash prize when your life post-Love Island looks like this?

Love Island 2019: Callum Macleod

Callum briefly turned to modelling (
ITV/Instagram - callummcleod)

Callum literally quit his job as an aircraft engineer to go on Love Island. Like, that's a level of commitment with little certainty of fame.

After an (incredibly) stilted pairing with Amber Gill, Callum failed to couple up with anyone else in the villa and was the first to be eliminated.

Since leaving the show, Callum, who has since done some modelling post Love Island, has been linked to two other Islanders - Amy Hart, and Elma Pazar.

And while fans worried he may have to hit the job centre, he spoke quite candidly about enjoying time off from his intense career.

"I've got my trade, I've got my experience," he said. "Even if I have to go elsewhere or to another company ...

"And my boss was a huge fan of the show. He was the one who convinced me to go on it .... so there's options there."

Love Island 2020: Eve Gale

Eve is still posting thirst-traps on Instagram - (
ITV/Instagram - evegale)

Jess and Eve with the first set of female twins to enter the villa, and instantly shook things up when they arrived. However, while Jess remained in the villa, Eve was forced to go - with the pair having never been previously separated for more than five days before.

Eve returned to life as a student when outside the villa, as well as continuing to model and post jaw-dropping thirst-traps on Instagram.

It goes to show, sometimes being the first person out the villa is no bad thing...

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - tonyalberti/kendallraenight/javishephard

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