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Celebrity Bake Off Fans Losing It After James McAvoy Sucks His Finger And Cracks NSFW Joke

Celebrity Bake Off Fans Losing It After James McAvoy Sucks His Finger And Cracks NSFW Joke

“Next thing I knew, I was pregnant.”

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

James McAvoy set pulses racing last night thanks to a stream of saucy jokes on Channel 4's Celebrity Bake Off.

Fans had been long awaiting the Hollywood actor, 41, to grace the infamous tent after it was previously revealed he was taking part in the showbiz spin-off to raise money for Stand Up to Cancer.

From loudly declaring his cake mix "feels a bit wet", to saucily telling the cameras "his peaks are stiff", and even sucking his finger for added effect, it's fair to say his was one of the most memorable Bake Off appearances.

You can watch him in action here:

From the second James took his place at his work station against David Baddiel, Anne Marie and Dame Kelly Holmes, we knew he was going to be Bake Off gold.

And we weren't the only ones, with Twitter thrilled to see such a hunk on the often naughty baking show.

Memes were flying thick and fast, with many swooning at James' humorous time in the tent.

James McAvoy starred on Celebrity Bake Off last night (
Channel 4)

"How on earth did Bake Off manage to bag James McAvoy I'll never know, but I thank the gay gods for providing him to us," said one fan, while another simply posted a picture of Kylie Jenner which read: "Next thing I knew, I was pregnant."

A third gushed: "James McAvoy just licked his finger, pick me up from off the floor."

James McAvoy was a popular Bake Off contestant (

"Nothing, and I mean nothing in that tent looks more delicious than James McAvoy. He can ice my sponge any day of the week," a fourth filthy fan swooned.

"James McAvoy on Bake Off is the best thing to happen," a fifth said.

James McAvoy was certainly a popular choice (
Channel 4)

Teasing innuendos aside, James proved himself to be a real talent in the tent, with his Pina Colada Snow Leopard cake, inspired by his TV series His Dark Materials, being a real winner.

And deservingly so, James was crowned Star Baker (which we would have awarded to him anyway).

McAvoy was a Star Baker in every sense (

His time in the tent was praised by former Bake Off contestant Dan Beasley-Harling, who believed the X-Men star certainly played up to the cameras with his saucy antics.

In a blog, Dan said: "James definitely knew how to please a crowd.

"He'd fit in perfectly on the regular Bake Off given his love of an innuendo and knowing look to camera, laying some traps for the editors!"

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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