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Stormzy Wore His Slippers On BBC Breakfast After Forgetting To Change Into Trainers

Stormzy Wore His Slippers On BBC Breakfast After Forgetting To Change Into Trainers

Like us, the singer seems to be struggling to get back into a post-Christmas routine.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Stormzy was all of us on our first week back at work today, when he appeared on BBC Breakfast in his slippers.

The rapper said he only realised his mistake when he got into his taxi this morning, explaining he'd been busy at album signings in Bristol all week.

Joining hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin, the rapper said he practically lives in his slippers at the moment - and we can definitely relate.

For this reason, Stormzy revealed how he totally forgot he might have to wear actual shoes for a telly appearance.

When questioned about the "magnificent" slippers by Dan, the 26-year-old said: "Do you know what it is? I forgot.

Stormzy explained how he completely forgot to swap his slippers for trainers (

"No I actually forgot, like I'm an idiot, I forgot. [It] sounds mad now because we've been doing signings, I did a signing in Bristol, I've got a signing tonight but, I always, I just stay in my slippers.

"Then I came, got in the car and was like ah, I haven't got my trainers, sorry."

Fans on Twitter found the blunder hilarious, with several sharing the BBC clip.

One wrote: "@Stormzy wearing his slippers on @BBCBreakfast because he was half asleep when he got in the cab is the most relatable pop star moment of all time."

Others agreed he must still be on "Christmas mode" while some admitted it was easily done.

It seems Stormzy really has been living in the loungewear, after a fan tweeted an image of the rapper at the album signing in Bristol yesterday evening.

In the photo, Stormzy is posing in none other than his favourite slippers.

"He wore them last night to the signing in Bristol, comfort first guys!," the fan tweeted.

But that's not all. He was even seen in the slippers at Capital's Jingle Bell Ball back in December.

The slippers do appear to have quite a sturdy sole, so hopefully they won't end up getting damaged out and about.

In fact, we don't know about you but we're secretly hoping this becomes a trend...

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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