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‘Emotional Wreck’ Stacey Solomon Wishes She Could ‘Stop The Clock’ With Rex

‘Emotional Wreck’ Stacey Solomon Wishes She Could ‘Stop The Clock’ With Rex

'Can they all just stay babies for a little while longer, please?'

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

It's true what they say, kids grow up fast, and Stacey Solomon was really feeling this on Monday as she penned an emotional statement about her sweet baby, Rex.

The Loose Women star, 30, took to social media and wrote that she wished she could "stop the clock" in order to enjoy every second with the seven-month-old, who she shares with boyfriend Joe Swash.

Sharing two adorable pictures of the little'n playing with his toys and beaming up at the camera, the proud mum wrote: "It just feels like time is flying by faster than ever before.

"I was playing with him on his mat and all of a sudden he just rolled around and ended up like this."

She continued: "He's started shuffling around, singing and saying 'Dadda' which is all so wonderful and exciting but I cant help but feel that I wish I could stop the clock for a little while and just make it all last longer.

"I'm an emotional wreck at the moment, pretty sure Aunt Flo is on her way but nevertheless can't they all just stay babies for a little longer please??"

Taking to the comments under Stacey's heartfelt post many of her followers with kids of their own identified with her words.

One wrote: "He's a wonderful little boy. My son has just turned 8 months and I wish I could freeze time. You're so happy that they are developing but at the same time want them to slow down so they can be your babies that little bit longer".

While another agreed: "I have an 8 month old girl, very close to rex birthday, and my god it's going quickly! I feel like I just blink and she's another month older. Stop growing baby and just stay little a while please!"

Stacey is also mum to Zachary, 11 and Leighton, seven from previous relationships.

Meanwhile, Joe Swash also has son Harry, 12, who he shares with ex-fiancee Emma Sophocleou.

Featured Image Credit: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram

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