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People Are Losing It Over Kim Kardashian Talking In A Scottish Accent

People Are Losing It Over Kim Kardashian Talking In A Scottish Accent

A video filmed by Kim Kardashian of a huge spider has caught people's attention because of her 'Scottish accent'.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Kim Kardashian always manages to get people's attention, even when she's not trying to. Now, an old video of the reality star filming a huge spider has received attention because of her 'Scottish accent' and people are obsessed with it.

Hear Kim's 'Scottish accent' in the video below:

The video was posted to Kim's Twitter account in April 2019 and sees the KUWTK star trying to ward of a spider as it approaches her. "Okay guys, so these spiders come in only at..." she says, before the spider runs towards her.

After Kim screams, she shouts: "Don't f*cking scare me like that! Seriously, oh my God I'm trying to save the world and find what species of spider this is".

The video was uploaded by Kim in April 2019 (
Kim Kardashian/Twitter)

People think Kim's 'Scottish accent' can be heard when she screams "don't". After Kim uploaded her video, Twitter user Leila Wilcock replied: "Why does she turn Scottish when she says 'don't'". Leila's Tweet has now been retweeted more than 44,000 times and has over 223,000 likes.

Kim's video and the tweet have now started to make the rounds on social media once again. "I can't stop watching this omg," one Twitter user wrote.

"I'm cryinggggg," said another Twitter account.

People think Kim Kardashian sounds Scottish in an old video (
Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

A third referenced the iconic viral video in which a Scottish mum tells off her daughters for not flushing the toilet. "She just needs to say 'it was f*cking one of yas!' Now," they said.

Now that Kim has fully mastered the Scottish accent, the next one she could add to her 'to-do' list is an English accent. Kim is a huge fan of the Netflix show Bridgerton and after she revealed her love for the period drama, fans have called for her to have a cameo.

Kim Kardashian discovered that she inspired the Featherington sisters after Nicola's tweet was posted in her Bridgerton group chat (

In April, Kim found out that the Featherington sisters were inspired by her and her sisters.

Nicola Coughlan, who stars in Bridgerton as Penelope Featherington, took to Twitter to make sure Kim knew how much impact she unknowingly had.

If the Bridgerton cameo doesn't work out, maybe Kim can join the cast of Outlander.

Featured Image Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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