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Nigella Thinks Aperol Spritz Tastes Like Tizer And Fans Aren't Happy

Nigella Thinks Aperol Spritz Tastes Like Tizer And Fans Aren't Happy

An article about Aperol Spritz has divided the internet.

Marianne Eloise

Marianne Eloise

Whether you're on a balcony in Italy or simply kicking back in your garden on the weekend, for many people there's nothing better than a nice, soothing Aperol Spritz.

The neon orange aperitif, comprised of Aperol, prosecco, soda and ice, is sweet, refreshing, and super popular with millennials across the globe - but apparently not Nigella Lawson.

The beverage is so popular that an article dragging its good name has caused a huge debate on Twitter and even prompted everyone's favourite TV chef to get involved.

The piece, by US-based writer Rebekah Peppler, appeared in the New York Times on Thursday, and covered the history of the drink before launching into a claim that has provoked mass outrage: that "the Aperol spritz isn't actually good."

Peppler wrote: "Served in branded, jumbo wine glasses, the sugary apéritif is paired with low-quality prosecco, soda water and an outsize orange slice, resulting in something that drinks like a Capri Sun after soccer practice on a hot day. Not in a good way".

She argued that the drink is "too saccharine" - but one unhappy Twitter user replied saying that it was "the worst opinion of 2019".

The author covered all bases and gave the reader some alternative Spritz recipes just in case they too were looking for something slightly different to cool down with this summer.

But still, people got very upset, tweeting things like "Some people like an Aperol Spritz, other people don't like an Aperol Spritz, but I think we can all agree that to besmirch the good name of Capri Sun is going too far".

One person who agreed was Nigella Lawson, who said: "I agree with @nytimes . Why would anyone have a Tizer-like Aperol Spritz when you could have a Campari Soda or even an Americano?"

Over a hundred people have replied to Nigella's tweets, with some agreeing: "Nigella you are as usual absolutely right. Why not take it up a notch to a Negroni?"

However, diehard Aperol fans weren't happy with one replying: "DISAGREE. If it's done right it's A+. Also good with a splash of lemon juice added."

Others berated Lawson for knocking the "beautifully refreshing summer drink".

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