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Molly-Mae Reveals Natural Teeth For The First Time As She Continues Reversing Cosmetic Procedures

Molly-Mae Reveals Natural Teeth For The First Time As She Continues Reversing Cosmetic Procedures

The Love Island star is reverting to a more natural look.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Molly-Mae Hague has showed off her real teeth after having her composite bonds removed - and we're in love with her natural pearly whites.

The Love Island runner-up, 21, has spoken out about embracing a more natural look in recent weeks - dissolving her lip fillers and swapping out her long, flowing extensions for a shorter style.

Now, Molly-Mae has debuted her natural teeth on her YouTube channel - and while she looks absolutely gorgeous, the Instagrammer is torn about her new look.

"I've been really [funny] about showing them. I've barely even shown [boyfriend] Tommy [Fury] properly because I am really not sure about it," she said.

"These are my natural teeth... as you can see, it is a super different smile to my composite bond smile.

Molly-Mae's old teeth were made up of composite bonds (
YouTube - Molly-Mae Hague)

"My teeth are a lot smaller and don't fill my mouth as much but yeah, this is the natural me."

She added that she felt her natural teeth "looked a bit yellow" as she has been wearing her composite bonds since she was 19, and was returning to the dentists to have them whitened.

"They literally as yellow as the sun and I'm just not ok with it," she whined on her vlog.

Erm, Molly-Mae, can we say you just look gorgeous and your teeth are not yellow at all?

Molly-Mae is in two minds about her natural teeth (
YouTube - Molly-Mae Hague)

Molly-Mae has previously taken to her Instagram to discuss her decision to reverse some of her cosmetic procedures, calling the amount of work she got in her teen years "a mistake."

"I think I've taken all the steps I want to take now in terms of reversing all the mistakes I made with the fillers, getting things done that I didn't necessarily need to get done and that I didn't really think through at the time - about two or three years ago now," she said.

"I think when you get older, you want to look younger and when you're younger, you want to look older.

Molly-Mae also filmed the surgery behind getting her bonds removed (
YouTube - Molly Mae Hague)

"Take my advice and just wait. Wait a good few years until your face has matured, until you get a little bit older and then make decisions about cosmetic work and stuff.

"Please don't make the same mistakes I did."

Featured Image Credit: PA/YouTube - Molly-Mae

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