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Molly-Mae Hague Says She Fears Backlash After Revealing What She Eats In A Day

Molly-Mae Hague Says She Fears Backlash After Revealing What She Eats In A Day

The Love Island star revealed her diet on her YouTube channel.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed she is concerned about criticism she may face after revealing what she eats in a day on her YouTube channel.

In one of her regular vlogs, the 21-year-old Love Island runner-up showed her fans what she ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, explaining that she had totally "overhauled" her fitness regime so she's in shape for when lockdown ends.

And Molly-Mae - who has recently opted to strip back her fillers, veneers and hair extensions for a more natural look - said that she was prepared for backlash after she showed fans she had a protein shake for breakfast, followed by salads for lunch and dinner.

"I've completely flipped my life upside down in terms of everything - exercise, food, water intake. Okay I still don't drink enough water," she said into the camera.

"I have been on a journey with my body, finding out what works for my body, what I need for my body to feel good."

Molly-Mae is now snacking on lots of fruit and veg (
YouTube - Molly-Mae)

After showing her followers that she swapped cereals for sipping on a protein shake for breakfast, her potato mash, chicken, guacamole, falafel and broccoli salad for lunch and another salad - consisting of spicy Mexican rice, sweetcorn, bacon rashers, Quorn turkey ham, hummus and coleslaw - for dinner, Molly-Mae said she was aware her diet won't please everybody.

"I hope you guys liked seeing what I eat in a day. Speaking to my sister again about it she was like 'I think you're going to get loads of backlash for this video.'

"Some people are going to say it's too little, some people are going to say it's too much. I feel like with these kind of videos you're never going to please everyone.

"For me that day of eating kept me energised, kept me full, happy and healthy."

Molly-Mae's diet showed her consume a lot of salad (
YouTube - Molly-Mae)

She added: "I'm not going to feel bad for obviously wanting to get into a little bit of shape.

"I feel like I probably will get backlash and people will be like 'she's not eating enough'."

Molly-Mae then stressed that everyone's bodies require different nutrients, and that there are far more dieticians and fitness gurus that are far more clued up on healthy diets that she is.

Fans were quick to defend Molly-Mae in the comments, with one person writing: "It's sad how much Molly worries about the backlash she's going to get by posting and talking about various topics. Molly you really don't need to justify not everyone can be pleased and that's okay. I personally love the more natural approach of short hair, teeth, fillers dissolved and general promotion of a healthier lifestyle, keep it up."

The Instagrammer, who has been dating fellow Love Island star Tommy Fury for two years, said she was hoping to get fit so she looked trim on upcoming photoshoots.

Molly-Mae wants to overhaul her diet for when lockdown ends (
YouTube - Molly-Mae)

"I'm proud I've managed to turn over a leaf and feel so much better about myself," she explained.

"I literally feel like a new person. For the last few months I have been eating in a slight calorie deficit just to get my body back to a point where I can go on shoots and feel confident."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube - Molly-Mae

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