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Miley Cyrus Treats Fans To A Hannah Montana Throwback

Miley Cyrus Treats Fans To A Hannah Montana Throwback

"Miley just brought hannah montana back from the dead and that’s really all I care about today​."

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Miley Cyrus just surprised her fans to an epic Hannah Montana throwback, and it's truly everything.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Thursday night, the Disney alum shared a string of videos of herself as her teen alter ego.

The pop star showed off a new long blonde 'do complete with a fringe to her 89.9 million followers, and she looked exactly like her Disney channel character.

Earlier in the day, Miley took a number of selfies in the hair salon, with foils on her head as stylist Sally Hershberger and colorist Justin Anderson worked their magic, proving she wasn't just wearing a wig.

"Hannah is punk now," Miley wrote as she took a selfie in the mirror with her new locks, wearing an oversized black t-shirt.

Hannah Montana just celebrated its 13th anniversary, and it seems like Miley was feeling super nostalgic about her Disney character.

"You know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided that I'll just be Hannah forever," she joked in another clip. "She was getting a lot of press this week, thanks to me."

Other videos shared on her Twitter and Instagram accounts showed the actress singing along to iconic Hannah Montana tracks, including 'Nobody's Perfect' and 'Best of Both Worlds'.

Fans went wild for the series of videos, with some even thinking that Miley was teasing a comeback for Hannah.

"Plot twist: Miley's new album she's about to release is Hannah Montana's comeback," speculated one person.

While somebody else tweeted: "Miley just brought Hannah Montana back from the dead and that's really all I care about today."

"If Miley is just messing with us and Hannah Montana isn't actually coming back consider her cancelled we don't joke about serious sh*t like that," exclaimed a third Hannah Montana stan.

Miley also followed a new @HannahMontana page on Instagram, fuelling excitement that the Disney Channel series was going to get a reboot.

We're not sure we could cope with a Hannah Montana comeback!

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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