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Kim Kardashian Reveals She Dips Her Chicken Nuggets In Honey

Kim Kardashian Reveals She Dips Her Chicken Nuggets In Honey

Ah, chicken nuggets. What we love about the tasty, savoury bites is that they go with just about any sauce. Ketchup, mayo, BBQ. But what about honey?


Kim Kardashian-West has revealed the sweet condiment is her dip of choice and even went as far as to say it's the only way to eat them.

After McDonald's revealed a selection of celebrities' orders online, fans were *very* divided.

Taking a screenshot of her order - which included a box of nuggets and a little pot of honey - one wrote: "I gotta try dipping my chicken nuggets in honey".

Kim responded confirming her preference, tweeting: "WHATTTT? Chicken nuggets dipped in honey is the ONLY way to eat them!"


And just like that, she broke the internet yet again.

In response to her quirky dip choice, one fan wrote: "Omggg yes Kim!!!! I swear by honey and nuggets."

While another tweeted: "Kim is literally the second person on earth (besides me) that knows about the honey dipping!!!"

"THANK YOU KIM," said another follower.

"Everyone thinks I'm weird AF for dipping them in honey but literally it's the best."

Others agreed, with many honey fans in shock that Kim is also a fan of the unusual combo.

"It's the ONLY way to eat nuggets and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy!" Said another.

Some followers were horrified, however, with many claiming they were going to unfollow Kim.

One called it "disgusting" while another simply said: "Ew, why?"

"You mean honey mustard right Kim? Please tell me it's Honey Mustard," begged another fan.

But Kim confirmed in a later tweet that she "hates" honey mustard and did in fact mean actual honey.

We're going to have to taste test this...

Featured Image Credit: E!/Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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