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Jesy Nelson Hits Back After Piers Morgan Claims Little Mix 'Use Sex To Sell Albums'

Jesy Nelson Hits Back After Piers Morgan Claims Little Mix 'Use Sex To Sell Albums'

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson has hit back at Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan, after he accused the band of 'using their nudity' to sell their latest album, LM5.

During an appearance on Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 show, the band were asked what they thought about his comments, prompting Leigh-Anne Pinnock to say she didn't even want to 'say his name'.

But, Jesy Nelson had no problem in addressing what Piers had to say, as she branded him a 'silly tw*t' and revealed she wasn't surprised by his comments.


Obviously, Nick was forced to apologise for Jesy's outburst which saw her swearing live on radio in the middle of the day, telling listeners: "Language! You can't swear Jesy! Apologies for the offensive language... on the BBC."

Thankfully, Leigh-Anne stepped in to correct her, adding: "The word she was looking for was idiot."

Glad we cleared that one up, girls.

Unfortunately, Piers found out about the band's little outburst (although let's face it, it wasn't exactly a private conversation), prompting him to take to Twitter to admit he was 'rattled' by their comments.


"Rattled... they know I see right through their little nudity scam," he wrote. "I see you're brave enough @LittleMix - come on @GMB tomorrow & say when you've just been saying about me on Radio One to my face.

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"Then we can debate your cynical exploitation of nudity to sell your records."

We don't think they'll be taking you up on that offer anytime soon, Piers.


This comes after Piers and Susanna were discussing Little Mix's new song, Strip, which is all about empowering women and we are absolutely here for it.

During the song, the band strip their clothes to reveal insults pained all over their bodies, which paints a pretty powerful message - but Piers wasn't having any of it.

"What is empowering about this? Get your kit off, airbrush yourself within an inch of your lives...


"What's the point of it? Using nudity to sell their album."

When Susanna disagreed, Piers continued: "Nonsense, it's using sex, sexuality to sell albums."

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