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Jess Wright Slams Government As 'Backwards And Stupid' After Rules On Weddings Change

Jess Wright Slams Government As 'Backwards And Stupid' After Rules On Weddings Change

The future of Jess’s nuptials hangs in the balance.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns have made the last 18 months a tough time for everyone, but spare a thought for brides-to-be, who have had their plans turned on their head - with things still being left uncertain.

While the cap on number of guests was lifted last month, several restrictions have remained in place, with staple wedding events such as dancing and displays of affection frowned upon or banned entirely.

It's something that's got former The Only Way Is Essex star Jess Wright worried. The 35-year-old reality TV star was forced to delay her wedding until September as the virus ripped through her previous plans.

Jess Wright is looking to marry her fiancé in Majorca (
Instagram - Jess Wright)

But with the UK currently recording more cases of coronavirus that the entire EU combined, Jess admits she's feeling increasingly stressed out about tying the knot with fiancé William Lee-Kemp in Majorca this September.

"It's not been a nice experience at all, because of Covid," she told Tyla. "It's been a constant battle of will it, won't it. The first [ceremony] got postponed. I've got to will and pray the second one can go ahead. We really kind of living in hope at the minute, and praying it can happen because, it's not been easy."

Jess's lavish ceremony in the Balearics would have seen the reality TV favourite boast 15 bridesmaids, including sister-in-law Michelle Keegan, in a ceremony that Jess has previously described as her 'fairytale wedding.'

But the uncertainty of not knowing she will have her dream nuptials, coupled with the confusion over coronavirus rules, has left Jess feeling angry at the government.

Jess's fairytale wedding looks increasingly uncertain (
Simone Thomas Wellness)

"It's one million percent unfair," she said. "It's actually quite backwards, the way rules have been done.

"You can go to a football match with 48,000 fans, but you can't dance at your family's wedding? It just makes the government look stupid, if I'm honest. The rules are all over the place.

"I just think they're underestimated how important a person's wedding day is. The money that goes into it, the planning, the mental health battle around it. It's a constant battle at the minute. It's awful.

"The government should have been doing testing before weddings and funerals a long time ago.

"My fiancé is definitely more chilled than me, but at the same time, he's kind of done with the whole situation. He's been really supportive though, so that's great."

Jess is not alone. Campaign group What About Weddings recently registered their anger at footage of Prime Minister Boris Johnson watching the England vs Germany match in a marquee, cheering.

There was a collective outrage that this was deemed legal by lockdown restrictions, but the majority of typical wedding ceremony events have been stripped back entirely.

For now, all Jess can do is remain positive, and be mindful that changes may have to happen.

"I guess I'd have to consider cancelling again if restrictions continue," she says. "Our wedding is abroad as well. It all depends on what happens.

"Everything's a guessing game for the next two months, which is not at all comfortable. We just feel we don't have a choice. I'm at an age where I can't just keep delaying to next year. I want to have children soon."

With the extra time to prepare for the wedding, Jess has decided to keep her fitness levels up ahead of the big day.

Jess has got everything crossed that she can have her big day as planned (
Simone Thomas Wellness)

"I'm working out a lot, I'm taking Simone Thomas Wellness' supplements and vitamins, which I feel have really made a change to my wellbeing and give me some balance.

"I'm just trying to stay as healthy as possible. I'm eating good healthy food, I'm drinking lots of water every day. Closer to the wedding, I'm planning on being stricter on myself. But life is all about balance."

Featured Image Credit: Simone Thomas Wellness

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