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Jack Fincham Reveals He Won't Be In The Dyers' Reality TV Show

Jack Fincham Reveals He Won't Be In The Dyers' Reality TV Show

The Love Island winner admits he's been busy filming his own reality programme about life after the villa with Dani.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

Love Island fans up and down the country were overjoyed when it was revealed that the Dyer family would get their own reality programme, but turns out that Jack Fincham won't be a part of it.

Filming is already underway for the programme involving Love Island winner Dani, along with her parents and nan and grandad - or shall we say Bruv.

However, Jack has since revealed he has no plans to be part of the reality show, telling Celebs Now: "It's not something I've really thought about.

"Dani and I are doing our own show about life after Love Island. It'll be a really fun show about what we're up to."

It seems like Jack has been pretty busy since his time in the villa, as he reveals he's creating his own clothing brand.

"I've always been interested in 80s-style clothes, being able to have a platform to do that is amazing."

Despite admitting he probably won't feature in the Dyers' reality show, Jack and Dani's relationship has gone from strength to strength, particularly since moving in together.

"We're really strong. It's great that we live together now. We're both busy, so at least we have a base to go back to and we can sleep in the same bed.

"It would've been a bit weird to live together for two months and then come home and live separately. It would've been a step backwards and we want to move forwards.

"We have such a laugh, it's like living with my best mate and my girlfriend."

Jack and Dani were recently hit with false reports they had split, and although Jack was 'shocked' at the rumours, he admitted the fake news was like 'water off a ducks back'.

He explained: "As long as I know what's going on then I'm happy, it's fine. When you see one negative thing, there are a thousand positive comments that get you through."

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