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Here's Five Times Louis Theroux Proved He's The Biggest Legend On TV

Emma Rosemurgey

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Here's Five Times Louis Theroux Proved He's The Biggest Legend On TV

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As the countdown begins until we get our next dose of the legend that is Louis Theroux in the form of his new series, Louis Theroux: Altered States, we took a bit of time to reflect on how much of a gem he is.

The much-loved filmmaker has entertained an entire generation with his unique and candid documentaries, and has even gained a cult following who live by the mantra of asking "what would Louis do?"

One of the reasons we love Louis so much is down to his quintessentially British politeness and ability to not flinch even asking the most awkward questions on earth.

No matter what walk of life he comes across, Louis is never patronising or rude, whether he's chatting to pornstars or members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

We could probably tell you a million times that Louis proved he's the biggest legend on TV, but just for convenience, we've complied five times Louis showed himself to be the absolute gem that he is.


Firstly, we've got to throw it back to 2000, when Louis released series three of his Weird Weekends, which saw him travel to America in a bid to become a gangster rapper.

His money doesn't jiggle jiggle, it folds, but unfortunately for Louis, his rap pretty much flops and he never quite made it as the next Snoop Dog, but my goodness do we love him for trying.

Another key thing to remember about Louis, is that he's no expert when it comes to most of the difficult topics, but there's one thing for sure, he'll always try to understand whatever issues he comes across.

That's also true when it comes to his fans as he'll step in and help wherever can, even when it comes to their distrust for people who don't like hot drinks.

Louis also has an uncanny ability to look in the eyes of killers, convicted pimps and other seriously dangerous people, and still sit down and say, "It's nice to be meet you."

In 2017, Louis traveled to a prison in Texas, where he came face to face with Shederick Smith, a convicted pimp, who according to court documents, was found guilty of 'pimping out' a girl who was just 15.

"Do you not see that a minor, or a child is not appropriate or that it's wrong to be working in that way?" he asked.

But, when Louis isn't participating in hard-hitting, serious documentary making, he loves having the bants with fans on Twitter, who often pay homage to his gentle and inquisitive nature.

Louis has so many one-liners, but one that really sticks in our mind is from back in 2003, when he met Nazi, Tom Metzger.

Narrating, he said: "It had been a long, and in some ways, depressing day. I'd found Tom's attitudes exhausting and I still more confused when the karaoke bar he took me to turned out to be largely non-white.

"I could assume that, for Tom, karaoke sometimes took precedence over racism."

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Emma Rosemurgey
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