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Gordon Ramsay Shocked As Daughter Goes On Date With Gino D'Acampo's Son

Gordon Ramsay Shocked As Daughter Goes On Date With Gino D'Acampo's Son

We do love nothing better than to see celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay all riled up and in last night's episode of Gordon, Gino, and Fred: American Road Trip, he discovered his daughter was on a date with travelling buddy Gino D'Acampo's son.

In a video shared to Gino's Instagram page - a clip from the ITV show - we see him call his son Luciano, 18, to video chat, but halfway through the conversation Luciano reveals he's with Tilly Ramsay, 18. You can imagine Gordon's reaction LOL.

Luciano first teased them and said to his dad: "Do you know know who I'm with?" He then pans the phone camera sideways to Tilly.


When Gordon clocks it is his daughter he says: "What the hell? What are you doing, Matilda?!"

Before adding later: "You didn't tell me you were going to dinner with Luciano," to which she responds "oh sorry I must have forgot". LOL.

Don't you just love a protective dad?

Gordon naturally was a little surprised at the news (Credit: ITV)
Gordon naturally was a little surprised at the news (Credit: ITV)

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Gino continues to laugh and Fred Sirieix who is also filming with the pair then teased Gordon - who looked mildly irritated - further by saying to the pair: "Guys remember it's OK to kiss on the first date, it's OK you've got my permission.

"If you feel the urge, you've got to do it." Which is followed by Gino giving a thumbs up to the camera. What wind up merchants.

Gordon then says: "It's my worst nightmare come true".

But laid back Gino simply tells him to "send kisses for the couple". HA. Gordon simply responds: "Oh Mamma Mia".


Despite the date which actually took place earlier this year, Luciano and Tilly are just friends, something she has confirmed since instead posting a photo of her with her now boyfriend, Seth Mack.

We imagine poor old Seth probably got a similar reaction too.

Oh Gordon, please never change, you're just too easy to wind up.

Featured Image Credit: Luciano D'Acampo/Instagram

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