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Charlotte Dawson Says Women Should 'Embrace Their Postpartum Bodies'

Charlotte Dawson Says Women Should 'Embrace Their Postpartum Bodies'

The reality TV star wants to normalise the reality of bodies changing after pregnancy.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Charlotte Dawson has never been afraid to live her life in the spotlight.

The 28-year-old daughter of legendary comedian Les Dawson is a regular on the showbiz circuit, well-loved for her honest and upfront personality on TV and hilarious candid snaps on Instagram.

With so much of her life available for public consumption, it seems only natural for Charlotte to document her pregnancy on MTV"s Celebrity Bumps - Famous and Pregnant - even choosing to give birth on camera.

But Charlotte, who is now the proud mum to two-month-old Noah, is keen to show the world the reality of parenthood - and the stretch marks, sleepless nights and saggy boobs that come with it.

Charlotte Dawson has never been afraid to show off the reality behind social media (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

"I don't want to put pressure on myself," she tells Tyla over Zoom, latte in hand. "I just want to embrace this post-partum body. Yeah, I do have stretchmarks. But I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because I want to enjoy my time with my little cherub.

"I think there's a lot of pressure on young girls to look a certain way nowadays. And it should be about being healthy.

"After literally going through labour, who wants to be back in the gym, on the treadmill, doing exercises and eating completely healthy?

Charlotte Dawson wants to be honest about life as a mum (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

"I just want to embrace this postpartum body and want other women to see its okay, it's normal."

Naturally, Charlotte has had huge support from her 1.2 million Instagram followers when it comes to her honest videos, in which she regularly chows down on chocolate, dances with her stomach on show and breastfeeds baby Noah.

"I've got a jelly belly," Charlotte laughs. "I've always had a chunky but funky belly. I just want to normalise that, and normalise seeing breastfeeding as well.

"I don't want ordinary girls who follow me to see me looking glam and be like, 'Oh my God, how does she look like that straight after labour?' Well, I don't.

"It's sad even now it's not even expected to be 'normal' to be chunky but funky after birth, you're just expected to get straight back into your size 8 jeans. And that's not realistic!"

Charlotte wants to show a realistic picture of motherhood (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

Of course, not all of Charlotte's comments have been so friendly and supportive. The star has had to bear the brunt of internet trolls - and she admits that some their barbed jibes are "really nasty".

"Before, I was able to just ignore them, but when I was pregnant, it really affected me," she says. "My hormones were all over the place and I couldn't understand why anyone could be so nasty about an unborn child.

"I got a comment just the other night from a girl who said my baby was 'f***ing ugly'. How can you call a baby ugly? There was stuff saying he was 'ginger' and that they feel sorry for him because I'm his mum. I do ignore it but it did affect me during pregnancy."

Even the cruellest of trolls, however, have not stopped Charlotte being proud of her body, and what it can do.

"The woman's body is just magical," she says. "I can't believe that we're designed to give birth and create a little human inside our bellies. It's taught me to have respect for my body, it's really amazing.

"I do get mum guilt for how hard I'm working at the minute, but there's times I'm getting my hair and make-up done and I'm breastfeeding on the go at the same time. I'm like, 'wow.'"

Matt has also helped pitch in looking after Noah (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

Luckily, Charlotte's fiancé Matthew Sarsfield is also at hand to help her out if things are getting on top of her.

"Matt gets all the lovely jobs!" she laughs. "Daddy gets home and gets to give Noah a cuddle, while he's had me up the wall, attached to my udders!"

Celebrity Bumps: Famous and Pregnant continues tonight at 8pm on MTV

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - charlottedawsy

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