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Amanda Holden Hits Back At 'Britain's Got Talent' Outfit Complaints

Amanda Holden Hits Back At 'Britain's Got Talent' Outfit Complaints

Some viewers felt the the 'BGT' judge's outfits were 'inappropriate' for a family TV show.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Amanda Holden is no stranger to having her outfit choices critiqued, but now the Britain's Got Talent judge has hit back after viewers complained about her dress once again on Wednesday night, and we are totally here for what she had to say.

Unsurprisingly, Amanda couldn't give a damn about whether people think her dresses have been 'too short' or 'too revealing', adding that she's had no complaints from her husband, Chris Hughes.

"My t*ts seem to become the show's biggest talking point every year," she told The Sun ahead of Sunday evening's finale of the talent show.

She added: "We've had plenty of complaints apparently, but none from home, let me tell you."

Amanda explained that she needed to wear a nipple cover for the first time ever with her Jebran dress, and is hilariously now considering flogging it on Ebay given the fascination around what she wears.

"It's a family show and people talk about my boobs every year, so I thought I would wear a nipple cover," she quipped, going on to add that her kids were now playing with the covers at home.

Her kids "throw them at the kitchen cabinets and play games" and enjoy watching them "slide off the walls," added Amanda. (Side note: HILARIOUS.)

It's not just Amanda's dresses which people have complained about, as the Britain's Got Talent judge accidentally dropped the f-bomb during one of the live show's earlier this week as she was so frightened by supernatural act, The Haunting.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the swear word garnered a total of 38 Ofcom complaints, with a further 154 people moaning that the act was 'too scary', which pretty much justifies Amanda's f-bomb, right?

"I did go into panic mode afterwards," Amanda recalled adding that she chased Simon into his dressing room to check she wasn't about to get fired. You've got to love her.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Amanda Holden

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