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Adam Collard Forced To Break Silence On Zara McDermott Split

Adam Collard Forced To Break Silence On Zara McDermott Split

Love Island'sLove Island's Adam Collard has been forced to break his silence for the first time since his split with Zara McDermott, after fans accused him of being 'insensitive' on Instagram.

Zara revealed she was devastated and 'didn't know how to feel' after she announced their split last week, with reports claiming Adam "spent the night with two women at a hotel" before "dumping her by text message."


Earlier, Adam took to Instagram to share a video of himself shooting a water bottle with a gun, with the caption "Thank u, next."

While it's obviously a quote from Ariana Grande's song, which is all about moving on from exes, many fans criticised the post for being insensitive to Zara.

"Bit of a harsh comment mate. Regardless of any issues behind closed doors... you need to learn respect for a woman," one fan commented, while another added: "So childish. Quote obvious this has another meaning!"

Clearly taking on the feedback from followers, Adam quickly changed the caption to "man things," before leaving a lengthy comment about the split for the first time.


"I've changed this caption for the benefit of people's poor opinions, but I care about Zara a hell of a lot and wouldn't put anything on here that I thought was going to upset her in any way," he wrote.

"We've been through a lot together and I'll always cherish that. That caption did not have another meaning at all.

"It was just a stereotypical caption that is commonly used by people in the UK right now. And thought it could be funny to use for a completely irrelevant video.

"I've chosen not to comment on what's happened and will remain this way until the time is right.

"But if you think me and Zara will ever be nasty or malicious to one another you're wrong."

This comes after reports claimed the reason behind the pair's shock split was because Adam spent the night with two women after a night out with Love Island co-stars Sam Bird and Jack Fincham.

"Understandably, Zara was angry and upset at Adam for staying over with two women he met on a drunken night out with Sam and Jack. She had it out with him and said it was completely disrespectful," a source told The Sun.

"He argued that nothing had happened but it was stupid of him to get into that situation. They had a string of arguments over the next few days, but agreed to move on from his mistake.

"But over the weekend Adam was pictured with a girl on his arm at the end of a night out. Zara then got a text from Adam saying that he was ending things because the relationship wasn't working. She's been left shocked and devastated by how he's acted. It's not the Adam she knew."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Zara McDermott

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