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Netflix’s Firefly Lane Has A Very Different Ending To The Book

Netflix’s Firefly Lane Has A Very Different Ending To The Book

The book's ending is even more tragic than the one in the show! *sobs*

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Firefly Lane on Netflix has got everyone talking recently, especially due to the show's sad ending.

The ten-part drama, based on Kristin Hannah's novel of the same name, follows the friendship between best friends from their teens to their 40s.

The pals are an odd yet complementary couple, with the bold and brash Tully (Katherine Heigl) and the shy and nerdier Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke).

Another major talking point is the massive cliffhanger at the end, revealing that something has happened between Kate and Tully - and the pair are no longer on speaking terms.

The bombshell is dropped at the end of the series - in the final moments of episode 10 to be exact - when we see the pair at Kate's dad's funeral.

Kristin's book also has a terribly sad ending. Tully invites Kate and Marah (played by Yael Yurman in the Netflix series) onto her show The Girlfriend Hour under the pretence of fixing their relationship.

Kate soon realises, however, that the segment is actually about overprotective mothers and the damage their do to their children. So, Tully is basically criticising Kate's parenting on national telly!

The pals are an odd yet complementary couple (

Kate storms off the show and Johnny, who also serves as Tully's producer and Kate's husband in the book, quits in solidarity. Kate believes her friendship with Tully is over forever.

But wait, there's more - in Kristin's book, it's Kate who experiences frightening symptoms, not Tully. We soon find out that Kate has terminal breast cancer and Tully soon rushes back home from a work trip to make amends.

The friends reconcile, and Kate asks Tully to take care of Johnny, who she remains married to (they don't get divorced in the book) and Marah before she succumbs to her illness and passes away. It's even sadder than the end of the series.

Viewers rushed to social media to discuss potential theories surrounding Kate and Tully's friendship and why it ended. One theory is that Johnny (Ben Lawson) could play a part, seeing as the last episode we see his squad head off to a mine in Iraq, with no hint as to what lies ahead for him, and whether he survives.

Whatever happened there, perhaps this has created some animosity between Tully and Kate - say, if Tully kept the outcome from her friend, or wasn't there for her in her time of need.

Tully, Kate and Johnny (

Another theory is that Tully may have slept with Johnny, if he survived.

Netflix has not ordered a second season (yet) but in the meantime, some of the cast have offered their own thoughts on what might have caused Kate and Tully's friendship to end.

Ben Lawson told Us Weekly: "I can tell you that it doesn't involve Johnny," he said.

Speaking in an interview with Oprah Magazine, Katherine Heigl also enforced that she wasn't keen for the end of the friendship to be down to Tully sleeping with Johnny. In fact, she promised to "fight to the death" to ensure that Tully would never betray Kate to that degree.

"It cannot be that Tully sleeps with Johnny. I don't think any friendship would come back from that," she said.

Kate and Tully aren't friends at the funeral (

Speaking to The Wrap, actress Sarah Chalke said that she wasn't even privy to any gossip about what went down between Tully and Kate.

"I don't even know, to be 100 per cent honest, what the actual last straw is," she said. "I know what it is in the book, but I don't know if Maggie [Friedman, the showrunner] will choose to use that or something else, if we're lucky enough to get to continue for another season."

*Fingers crossed!*

Firefly Lane is available on Netflix now.

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