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Behind Her Eyes: The Book Plot Line Too Dark For The TV Show

Behind Her Eyes: The Book Plot Line Too Dark For The TV Show

The Netflix thriller is missing one particularly gruesome detail.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

**Warning: major spoilers for Behind Her Eyes** ahead.

We are utterly hooked on Behind Her Eyes, the new psychological thriller from Netflix which sees Louise (Simona Brown) caught up in the twisted mind games between husband and wife Adele (Eve Hewson) and David (Tom Bateman).

While the series is not shy in showing some truly dark moments, the TV series pales in comparison with Sarah Pinborough's novel in which it was adapted from - with one particularly grisly moment too dark for TV.

Marianne falls foul of Adele (

Cat lovers, look away now.

In the series, we see Louise travel to Brighton to confront Marianne (Eva Birthistle), who navigates a flashback of events which explained why Adele and David were forced to move out of Brighton and relocate in Islington.

The owner of a café nearby David's psychiatry practise, Marianne and David had become pals and seeing that he had become particularly miserable, urged him to leave his wife.

The book features a particularly nasty scene (

However, Marianne's cat falls victim to Adele, who had been spying on Marianne and David's conversations all along.

In the Netflix adaptation, we see Marianne return to the flat where she lives alone and call out for her cat, Charlie. He's nowhere to be found. She goes upstairs and sees that her bedroom has been trashed, and the word 'SLUT' has been painted in bright red letters.

Charlie had a lucky escape in the Netflix series (

While we're bracing ourselves for the absolute worse, Charlie saunters in, unharmed - and we can breathe again, at least, until Adele turns up at the door holding a knife. Thankfully, neither Charlie nor Marianne come under any real harm.

However, Charlie is brutally murdered by Adele in the book in the cruellest way possible.

In the book, Adele (who has managed to listen in on Marianne and David's conversations using her powers of astral projection) first poisons Charlie's food to make him drowsy.

Then, in front of Marianne herself, Adele stamps on Charlie's head with her high heels until the cat becomes lifeless.

Adele is a full-on cat killer in the book (

That's not the only feline murder in the 2017 book. When Adele and David move to Islington, the pair originally have a cat. However, when Adele is trying to manipulate Louise into believing David is abusive, she tells her that David killed their pet by stamping on its spine and burying it in the flowerbeds - only, of course, it is Adele who committed that act.

Thankfully, all cats in the TV series of Behind Her Eyes remain unharmed.

The series has made waves on social media thanks to its hugely dramatic twist in the final episode. We won't spoil it for you here, but the final turn of the horrifying story quickly trended on Twitter, with people hashtagging #WTFthatending.

You can read more about that here.

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