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Will There Be A Line Of Duty US Remake?

Will There Be A Line Of Duty US Remake?

The Line of Duty series 6 finale aired on Sunday night.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Line of Duty sadly came to an end this Sunday and millions of UK viewers tuned in to soak up the series finale.

While fans are hoping that Martin Compston is wrong about it being the last ever episode, there's speculation brewing about a possible US remake of the BBC's hit crime drama.

Jed Mercurio, the show's creator, was asked about this as a guest on the UKTV podcast - A Stab in The Dark - last year, and he was on the fence about it.

Speaking to Mark Billingham, the show's host, Mercurio said:

"I think that if you look at the American television market, it is so much larger than ours, and there are so many more people pitching ideas that the idea of something set in what they call 'internal affairs' has been pitched repeatedly."

"It's not something that hasn't been explored in pilots and by writers who really know that world, it's just that there hasn't been a successful series," he explained. But could Line of Duty be the one which finally makes a breakthrough stateside?

Line of Duty in the US

Mercurio's Line of Duty has been keeping fans on the edge of their sofas since 2012, when the first series came out. Believe it or not, Line of Duty was actually Mercurio's first crime story, he was writing about medicine before that.

The penultimate episode of series six reached more than 11 million UK viewers, the BBC confirmed. Line of Duty even topped Bodyguard - another of Mercurio's dramas - in the popularity ranks.

But could the same happen in an American context, with a much bigger US audience, who apparently "prefer a homegrown thing rather than a version of a British series," according to Mercurio?

He admitted to Billingham that "it does still feel like that ground is there to be won with the right approach."

The cast of Line of Duty enjoying a beer "off-duty" '
Martin Compston/Twitter

For now, it appears that Line of Duty will remain only in the UK. But who knows what the future holds - especially if the beloved drama really has now come to an end forever.

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