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Stacey Solomon Mortified After Discovering Extremely See Through Leggings

Stacey Solomon Mortified After Discovering Extremely See Through Leggings

This is too funny!

Stacey Solomon took to Instagram on Monday evening to reveal she'd experienced the ultimate fashion blunder - and we can't stop laughing.

Explaining the debacle, it turns out Stacey, 32, had been walking around all day wearing very see-through leggings, and only found out when a woman in Costco delivered the unfortunate news.

You can watch the clip below:

Stacey said: "I'm actually fumin'... a lovely lady came up to me in Costco (at the very end on our way out I must add) and said 'your leggings are a little see through'. I thought oh no they must be a bit thin.

"Turns out they're more like 1 denier tights and Joe let me walk around in them all day without even letting me know.

"We got dressed in the dark in a rush before the school run and I didn't even think about looking in the mirror. Joe thinks it's hilarious apparently he thought it was a look and then just 'forgot' to say anything because we were in a rush."

Stacey was fuming at the leggings (
Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

Stacey later added that she was even more fuming when she found the receipt for the 'leggings' and discovered they were £9.99.

"Just spent two hours trying to find my receipt for those leggings because I thought maybe I ordered tights by accident," said Stacey.

"It turns out they were leggings and they cost me £9.99. A tenna to walk around naked..."

Stacey said she spent £9.99 on the leggings (
Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

Stacey's followers found the whole incident hilarious, with the mum of four posting a further story of Joe, and adding: "He's lucky he's the best dad in the world because otherwise I don't know how today would have gone!

"Your messages have cracked me up... I mean the whole of Costco saw my knickers but at least it's cheered you all up and I got my industrial sized fabric softener today so that's a win!"

Oh Stacey, never change!

Featured Image Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram

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