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Fans Convinced Prince William Doesn't Know How To Use A Typewriter As Video Emerges

Fans Convinced Prince William Doesn't Know How To Use A Typewriter As Video Emerges

Fans pointed out that Prince William appeared to be typing with one finger...

Prince William shared a video of himself writing the introduction to his Earthshot Prize book - but fans couldn't help but take the mick.

The Duke Of Cambridge, 39, could be seen typing out the start of the hugely important Earthshot: How to Save our Planet in a video shared on Kensington Palace's Twitter account.

However, fans responded by questioning why he was typing with only two fingers...

Watch the clip below:

"I [love] how he uses only two fingers to type haha," said one person.

While another concurred: "Ah, the trusty two fingered typing method. Nearly as old and loved as that type writer! ha ha".

"Someone needs to teach you how to touch type," joked a third.

"Just use a laptop next time G," said somebody else.

The two finger typing wasn't all people noticed, either.

Prince William appeared to type with two fingers (

"Interesting typewriting skills..." said another. "Especially returning the typewriter without using the return line shift lever".

Tough crowd, Wills.

Earthshot: How to Save our Planet is the primary book of The Earthshot Prize, and enforces how urgently we need to tackle the environmental issues ahead of us, using case studies to prove that we can still save the planet if we all work together.

People will be able to buy the book - which features an intro from Prince William - from later next month.

The book is co-authored by Colin Butfield, who is the former executive director at WWF, and famous producer and director, Jonnie Hughes.

The Prince used a typewriter to make a statement about the environment (

The release will coincide with a BBC One series, created by the pair.

"In my introduction to the 'Earthshot: How to Save our Planet' book, I wanted to share the early conversations in 2018 that led to the Prize's creation & the simple equation that captures my theory behind @EarthshotPrize Urgency + Optimism = Action. Available 30th September," Prince William wrote on Twitter.

Responding, many expressed their excitement at the project, while others defended the Prince's choice of typewriter.

"No one is getting it are they? William is using a manual (non electric) typewriter instead of a laptop that consumes energy and therefore isn't environmentally friendly," they said. "Good for you William."

The Earthshot Prize is inspired by former US President Kennedy's 'Moonshot', and will look to find and put into action real solutions to help repair the planet over the next decade.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ Kensington Palace

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