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Fans Joke Prince Harry Has 'Chosen Violence' With His Christmas Card Outfit

Fans Joke Prince Harry Has 'Chosen Violence' With His Christmas Card Outfit

That outfit is a statement.

Fans are losing their minds over Prince Harry's outfit choice for this year's Christmas card from the Sussexes, joking that the royal "chose violence" with his laid-back appearance.

Harry and Meghan Markle published a family photo on Thursday as part of their annual family Christmas card, which comes almost two years after their decision to step back from the royal family and move to the US.

Fans were treated to their first public snap of baby Lilibet, who wore a white romper while the rest of the family rocked an informal look with matching jeans.

People could not take their eyes off Prince in particular, and it's fair to say they were loving his new look.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opted for jeans in this year's Christmas card. (

Some couldn't get over the casual rip in the knee of Harry's jeans, while others were more focused on the fact that he had made the creative decision to go barefoot for the snap - far from the suits and naval uniforms he wore in his former life.

People couldn't get enough of the Duke's new look and took to Twitter to share their thoughts, joking that the royal family would not be pleased when they found out.

People are loving Prince Harry's new look. (

One royal fan wrote: "Harry's bare foot as well. Harry has chosen violence and I love it," adding that hopefully the image will have his haters "seething into oblivion."

Another amused fan added: "I see Harry's knees, the UK is about to combust."

One Twitter user joked: "Prince Harry wearing ripped jeans... Love that journey for him."

Others were thrilled to see the Duke looking so relaxed and happy in the photo.


One fan tweeted: "Prince Harry looks so happy here with his ripped jeans. So happy he found the family he needed. Inspiring."

Another wrote: "Look at Prince Harry happy in his cut up jeans."

A third joked: "Prince Harry is wearing ripped jeans! I'm dead. XOXO to the Sussexes."

We support your style choices, Harry!

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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