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Fans In Tears After Watching New Molly-Mae Video

Fans In Tears After Watching New Molly-Mae Video

We're not crying, you're crying!

Molly-Mae left her fans and followers in floods of tears after watching her emotional vlog this week.

The influencer gave followers a rare glimpse at her family life as she travelled home for Christmas to be with them.

Between singing carols to showing off her Christmas dinner, there was one clip that had fans weeping after watching.

Check it out here:

Exchanging gifts with her family on Christmas Day, Molly handed her mum Debby a Jo Malone box with a set of car keys inside.

Molly-Mae's family were at a loss for words when they discovered that her mum had been gifted a brand new Audi Q5.

After Molly brought her family out to see the stunning car, wrapped in a big red bow, viewers confessed that the surprise had them in tears.

Molly-Mae shocked her mum with a brand new car for Christmas. (

One fan wrote: "This made me cry. You have worked so hard. And to be able to give back to your mom is just so special. You truly are a gem."

Another commented: "Omg how wholesome is this vlog! such a lucky mumma - you really are amazing Mol."

A third wrote: "his vlog felt like a warm hug, love this so much x"

Later in the vlog, Molly revealed that this Christmas would likely be her last at her family home, adding that she hopes to host Christmas with Tommy Fury next year.

Many were distracted by Molly's absolutely adorable nan, who couldn't get over the Love Island star's amazing gift.

"Actually crying at your nana’s reaction. That’s Christmas magic right there", commented one fan.

"Omg your nana is so precious and needs to be protected at all costs", wrote another.

Molly-Mae and Tommy are hoping to spend Christmas together next year. (
YouTube/ Molly-Mae)

Wrapping up her video, she told subscribers: "I've made a pact that this is our last Christmas apart and we're spending all Christmas together next year... because I'm sick of being apart."

How do we get our names on the guest list?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Molly-Mae

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