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Molly-Mae To Undergo Second Surgery Next Week For Endometriosis

Molly-Mae To Undergo Second Surgery Next Week For Endometriosis

The Love Island star recently went to hospital to have two lumps removed.

Molly-Mae Hague will return to hospital next week to have further surgery.

The influencer, 22, will have another operation to treat her endometriosis – a condition which sees tissue similar to womb lining grow in other places and cause severe period pain.

You can see her talk about her procedure here:

The procedure comes just days after Love Island runner-up Molly was in hospital to have a lump removed from her breast and her finger.

Speaking about it on her YouTube channel, Molly-Mae explained: “I had an operation this week which was so much fun. I had a little lump removed from my left boob and a lump removed from my finger. The finger one was really weird, it’s been there for a while. It was like a really prominent hard lump that stuck out of my finger.

Molly-Mae discussed her recent hospital visit (
YouTube- molly-mae)

“They’ve sent both lumps off for testing and I’m 100 per cent sure they’re going to be fine because I’d already had a biopsy on the one on my boob and they said it was fine and the one on my finger, I’m hopeful it’s gonna be fine.”

She added her boxer boyfriend, Tommy Fury, had been looking after her as she took time out of her busy schedule to recover.

Molly continued: “I have another operation next week which I am going to be documenting. That’s my endometriosis surgery which I’ve been having so many questions about.

Molly-Mae showed off the bandage on her finger (
YouTube - molly-mae)

“I didn’t vlog [my lump operations] because it was a lot to take in. I literally conquered my two biggest fears in one day. When I tell you I had to have that cannula thing shoved in my hand, that is my biggest fear.

“The only thing that got me through is that young children who have horrible illnesses have to go through things like this all the time.

“I just thought, ‘You can do this Molly. If young, little kids can go through with this, then so can you, get a grip.’”

The news comes after Molly-Mae had a mole removed from her leg, which transpired to be a malignant melanoma – a type of skin cancer.

Posting a lengthy YouTube video explaining the situation, Molly-Mae captured the moment a doctor told her that her mole was 'a malignant melanoma', breaking the news while she was on a trip to Venice.

Molly said boyfriend Tommy had been looking after her (
YouTube - molly-mae)

"I had the mole removed, the removal was fine. I got the call today, and he's told me it is a malignant melanoma," she said in the video, straight after the first phone call.

"That's skin cancer basically, which is obviously petrifying, and shocking, and scary. I don't even know what to really think or say.”

She added: "The main message of this vlog that you need to understand is to get your moles checked," she said. "I cannot stress this enough. Use your initiative and be smart. If I hadn't, I could have been in serious trouble.

"Don't ever think it'll be someone else's story. You know when you see things on Instagram or on the news where you think, 'That's just someone else's story it could never happen to me'. Guess what, it happened to me."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube - molly-mae

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