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Molly-Mae Hague: 'It's Important I'm Honest About Past Surgery Mistakes'

Molly-Mae Hague: 'It's Important I'm Honest About Past Surgery Mistakes'

The influencer extraordinaire isn’t afraid to be open and honest about her decisions.

It's just days after the finale of the show that made Molly-Mae Hague a household name and, unsurprisingly, it seems Love Island is all anyone can talk about.

Having already established herself as a vlogger and influencer before walking into the villa in 2019, Molly’s profile went stratospheric after appearing on the ITV reality show, coming in at second place with boyfriend Tommy Fury (the couple being the only pair to still be together from that season).

And it's thanks to her 6 million-strong Instagram following – many of whom are young, teenage girls – that Molly has made the decision to speak honestly about her “mistakes” with cosmetic surgery.

Having had lip and facial fillers, and veneers in her late teens, she's subsequently reversed these procedures and embraced a more natural look.

Molly-Mae has become one of reality TV's biggest earners (

“It was definitely about having a positive input on those who follow me,” she tells Tyla of her decision. “I think I realised I’d maybe come a bit far away from who I actually was as a person, with the fillers and everything.

 “I did things I didn’t need to do at such a young age, I tried to grow up too fast. I’m happy that so many young girls are doing the same and getting their filler dissolved. It’s dangerous these days how accessible things like that are.


Molly-Mae is candid about reversing her fillers (
YouTube - mollymaehague)

“I think it’s important I keep sharing the mistakes that I made and how I reversed them. I’m so happy I made that decision, to strip everything back.”

Molly is well aware that her decisions impact her young fan base: “Not in a big-headed way but you do become a role model when you’ve got a following. Even when I had 150k followers, I was still a role model to those people following me. You’ve got to be accountable for what you do, as it will effect your followers.

“Everything you do, you have to consider your audience. That’s why when I was reversing my mistakes with filler, I was very transparent on my channels about the mistakes and that I’m not perfect. I’m transparent with them, and that’s how you create a good relationship with your audience.”

With her direct manner and clear thought process, it’s easy to see how she’s managed to build an impressive business empire (and a jaw-dropping jewellery collection) at just 22 – something that Molly always planned to do, the moment she left the villa.

Molly and Tommy were villa favourites (
“I had a lot more to offer than just Love Island,” she says. “I’ve always known I want to be a successful businesswoman and do big things. The minute I came out of that show, my goal was to go as far as I can go.

“While I appreciate Love Island pushed me to where I am now, what you do when you go out of that show is totally down to you. You can only go as far as you take it.”

With Molly-Mae’s career continuing to take off, having a supportive boyfriend is only a bonus, with Molly (who is wearing a necklace adorned with Tommy’s name) adamant that her boxer beau of two years is The One.

“Both me and Tommy’s focus now is on work,” she says. “He’s got his work, I’ve got mine. We’re obviously soulmates, everyone can see that. Of course, one day, we’ll get married and have babies. We have so many exciting things to come. Now we’re just focusing on supporting each other.”

Molly's business decisions have seen her land her biggest gig yet (

Support from Molly’s close circle, as she calls them, is all the more important now she’s landed her biggest gig yet as creative director of internet clothing brand, PrettyLittleThing, whom she has brought out numerous collections with.

“I’ve always definitely had a say in how I want things to look from the very start. Everything about the collection has always had my input through and through,” Molly says of the role. “I’m so grateful.

 “I always say 15-year-old me would be screaming right now if she knew what was coming. It goes to show your opportunities are endless when you put your mind to it.

“This is just the start for me. This will be such a huge year. I’m so excited to be working towards my vision with PLT. I’m so excited to have my input in every aspect of the brand, and that’s what I’m focusing on now.”

Molly-Mae's latest collection for PrettyLittleThing is available from a UK size 4-30 at

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