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Love Island Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Liberty Poole's Birthday Party

Love Island Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Liberty Poole's Birthday Party

Fans noticed one detail in particular.

Happy Birthday to Love Island's Liberty Poole, who turned 22 this week! The former Islander celebrated with a lavish party in London with all her villa mates - but fans are noticing one detail in particular.

Ex-boyfriend Jake Cornish was noticeably absent from the birthday celebrations.

Liberty celebrated her birthday this week (
Instagram/Liberty Poole)

Posting a series of snaps of her party - which took place at Jin Bo Law Skybar in London - Liberty wrote on Instagram: "Thanks to everyone for making my 22nd the best birthday ever! All love always."

And it seems almost all the islanders were in attendance - including Kaz, Tyler, Sharon, Lucinda, Lillie, Faye, Teddy, Brad, Rachel, Priya and Chuggs.

But Jake was noticeably absent from the party.

One person commented on Instagram: "Was Jake invited?"

The majority of the islanders were in attendance (
Liberty Poole/Instagram)

Of course, Love Island fans will know that Jake was also absent from the reunion show which aired at the weekend, due to illness. So it's definitely possible that he wasn't feeling well enough to attend and Tyla has contacted Jake's rep for comment.

The show did however air an awkward meeting between the two which had taken place days before.

The pair met up in London to talk things through now they're both out of the villa.

While Jake said he had tried to FaceTime Liberty a couple of times, she responded: "Once... It’s hard obviously I still have feelings for you.

"I just feel like there hasn’t been an effort to make it work properly."

Jake said: "Even if we had been together it wouldn’t have worked, I’m too busy."

Fans noticed Jake was missing (
Liberty Poole/Instagram)

"Kaz and Tyler and everyone else is really busy and they still make time for each other," Lib challenged him.

Grinning and bearing their painful encounter, Liberty ended the conversation by telling her ex boyfriend that she wished "the best" for him, adding that they "weren't meant to be".

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