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Louis Theroux Fans Are Loving His Joe Wicks Workout Photo

Louis Theroux Fans Are Loving His Joe Wicks Workout Photo

Is it us or is it hot in here?

With the omicron variant sweeping the nation, and Dr Chris Whitty urging people to “prioritise” their Christmas socialising, things are feeling very March 2020 in the UK right now.

So much so that some people are reliving the halcyon days of lockdown by giving some of Joe Wicks’ home workouts a go – with Louis Theroux among many people choosing to keep active to battle anxiety.

Taking to Instagram, the documentary maker and national treasure posted a shirtless picture of himself after working up a sweat following some vigorous exercise.

Louis Theroux looking hotter than ever (
Instagram - louistheroux)

Lovely Louis captioned the snap: “As the future looks uncertain again it’s important to look after your physical and mental health.

“I just did the Joe Wicks 15 minute Bondi Beach workout on YouTube and I already feel a million times better. Take care of yourselves.”

Naturally, seeing Louis in a state of undress sent fans in a frenzy, with many flocking to the comments to gush over the star.

“Louis Therouxst Trap!” punned one person, while another thirsty fan desperately asked: “ DID YOU SWEAT ON THE CARPET?!?!???”

A third praised Louis for providing such a valuable service to the nation during these troubling times, writing: “The photo we’ve all been waiting for,” while a fourth queried: “When's the OnlyFans page coming Louis?”

Louis Theroux: The nation's snack (
Instagram - louistheroux)

The steaming hot picture of Louis even left some people feeling a bit jealous.

“Jeez Louis leave some ladies for the rest of us,” one person wrote.

“It’s too early in the morning to feel this way,” added another.

Louis is fully aware that he is considered a sex symbol – and secretly quite enjoys being the object of a nation’s affections.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, he said: “There's this sort of slightly tongue-in-cheek appreciation that goes on where… I would be all too willing to believe that it was completely un-ironic, except the pictures that are used, my glasses are always crooked, it's never the ones where I look that dreamy.

Louis Theroux: Sexiest Man Alive (

“I'm aware that I don't have a conventional look if you like. People expressing some sort of, I guess, romantic interest, I can't pretend I don't like it. It is nice.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - louistheroux

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