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Who Is Lily Collins’ Husband?

Who Is Lily Collins’ Husband?

Lily Collins' characters's love life might be a mess on the hit Netflix series, but in real life, she's found the man of her dreams.

Lily Collins is the star of Emily In Paris - and while her love life seems to be all over the place in the show, she’s recently got married in real life. 

Here’s what we know about Lily’s husband.

Who is Lily Collins married to?

Lily Collins is married to American film director and writer Charlie McDowell. They tied the knot in September 2021 after dating for two years and getting engaged in September 2020. They had their honeymoon in Norway.

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell got engaged in September 2020. (

Between them, Lily and Charlie have created quite the famous family, with Lily being the daughter of British drummer and singer Phil Collins and Charlie being the son of American actress Mary Steenburger.

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell got married in September 2021. (

It’s clear the two are besotted with each other, with both posting gushing wedding photos on their Instagram grids. 

“I’ve never wanted to be someone’s someone more,” said Lily.

Lily and Charlie enjoy exploring the outdoors and had their honeymoon in Norway. (

Sharing the same photos, Charlie wrote, “I married the most generous, thoughtful, and beautiful person I’ve ever known. I love you @lilyjcollins.”

Charlie also joined Lily while she was filming season two of Emily In Paris. When season 2 was released on Netflix, Charlie shared a snap of them both in Paris and said, “​​I will forever be in awe of my wife’s hard work, commitment, and kindness she shows EVERY SINGLE DAY,“ to which Lily replied, “Couldn’t have done it without you… my #1 support and love. Thank you for your endless hugs, encouraging talks, constant laughs and daily hand-holding through this whole experience. Beyond grateful for you and our boy! [referring to their rescue dog, Redford].”

Charlie joined Lily in Paris during filming for the new series of Emily In Paris. (

Charlie McDowel is known for the film The One I Love and his latest, Windfall, is due out in 2022. Charlie has also got a movie called Gilded Rage in pre-production. 

How old is Charlie McDowell?

Born on 10th July 1983, Charlie turned 38-years-old in 202, making him six years older than Lily, who turned 32 in 2021.

Emily In Paris season 2 was released on Netflix 22nd December 2021.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lilyjcollins

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