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Emma Willis Looks Unrecognisable As She Debuts New Hair

Emma Willis Looks Unrecognisable As She Debuts New Hair

Emma…is that you?

With her trademark androgynous style and sleek tousled bob, Emma Willis has always been our fashion #inspo.

But we were taken aback to see the popular presenter rocking a brand new ‘do, now embracing longer locks and a brand new fringe.

The 45-year-old debuted her new haircut on Instagram, pairing her micro-fringe and high bun with a slick navy blue and green tartan suit.

Emma Willis debuted her new hair (Instagram - louis byrne)
Emma Willis debuted her new hair (Instagram - louis byrne)

Emma’s new look was shared on Instagram by her hairstylist Louis Byrne, who captioned the snap: “In the words of Ricky Martin 'she bangs she bangs’. Emma and I have a hot fresh now look coming at you. All to be revealed. Good job she trusts me hey!”

On his Instagram story, he added: “We have gone for a short face framing bangs with a loose chopped edge and high-shine bun.

“Playful and edgy.”

Emma paired the new hair with a slick suit (
Instagram - louis byrne)

Emma, who’s best loved for presenting hit shows including The Voice, The Circle and Big Brother, recently shared a picture of her children on Instagram as the family celebrated Halloween.

Her eldest daughter, Isabelle, chose to channel Stranger Things’s Eleven for her costume, while her nine-year-old son, Ace, opted to dress and Thor. Youngest daughter Trixie, five, sported a Wonder Woman costume.

Emma was thrilled with her new hair (
Instagram - louis byrne)

Emma has chosen to be more private about sharing images of her children on social media, after Ace got trolled for choosing to have longer hair and wearing pink.

Speaking to The Sun, Emma responded: “He is very individual, he dresses the way he wants and he’s really happy doing that. Why would I try to suppress that?

“The response was a big eye-opener, because for me, it’s just Ace, he’s my son and that’s the way he’s always been. So it did massively make me start thinking about stereotyping and how bonkers it is that a boy, just because he has long hair and is wearing pink, is mistaken for a girl.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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