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Drake Fans Outraged As Rapper Credits R Kelly On Track Amid Ongoing Sex Abuse Trial

Drake Fans Outraged As Rapper Credits R Kelly On Track Amid Ongoing Sex Abuse Trial

Drake fans are disappointed that R. Kelly has been credited on a new song amid an ongoing sex abuse trial for the 'Ignition' singer.

Fans of Canadian rapper Drake are disappointed after seeing singer R. Kelly credited on his new song TSU.

Drake has also included Justin Timberlake as a composer on the song, but it is unclear what part of the song either Kelly or Timberlake have been credited for.

It is possible that the song features a sample of a previous song written by Kelly, but it could also be new music.

However, Kelly will get royalties from the song and fans are angry that Drake has included the work of an alleged sexual predator on the new album.

Kelly is currently facing trial in New York City for charges of sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labour, and the coercion and transportation of women and girls for illegal sexual activity.

One person wrote: "Drake sampling R Kelly's music is kinda gross and problematic."

Another tweeted: "Now I can't enjoy [the album] anymore because R. Kelly got credited on TSU. What the f*** is wrong with you Drake?"

This backlash comes after fellow rapper Kanye West included accused rapist Marilyn Manson on his new album Donda, which was highly criticised by fans and music reviewers alike, leading many to say that they would not be listening to West's new music as a result.

People on Twitter questioned whether music lovers would similarly refuse to listen to Drake's new album due to the R. Kelly credit.

However, many are defending the rapper, saying: "R. Kelly is only credited on Drake's album because Drake sampled a track R. Kelly co-wrote but somehow people think Drake worked with him while he is on trial... some people are literally dumb."

Drake's new album is called Certified Lover Boy. (

Others pointed out that the sample used in the track sounds like a NSYNC song, which both R. Kelly and Justin Timberlake wrote many years ago, arguing that "legally Drake was required to credit him".

Drake's album Certified Lover Boy, which features TSU as well as songs collaborating with Jay-Z, Travis Scott, Future, and Nicki Minaj, was released today (3rd September).

Tyla has contacted Drake's rep for comment.

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