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Dani Dyer Thanks Supportive Fans After Being Trolled For Using Babysitting App

Dani Dyer Thanks Supportive Fans After Being Trolled For Using Babysitting App

Dani Dyer has responded to trolls who criticised her for using the babysitting app Bubble.

Dani Dyer has thanked her supportive followers after she was criticised by trolls for using the babysitting app Bubble.

Dani, 25, was called a ’s*** mum’ after revealing she used the childcare app during a lunch date with her friends.

Watch Dani's response below:

The Instagram picture shows Dani and a friend out for drinks. "I don't get much opportunity to go out these days as a busy mum and it's so important to get some time - even if it's just an hour catching up with a good mate," she wrote in the caption.

The Love Island 2018 winner is a mum to eight-month old son Santiago. 

Bubble is an app that allows parents to book a babysitter, browse reviews from other parents and chat to the babysitter before you hire them. 

Dani called out the trolls after being subjected to cruel comments for using the app on her instagram Stories, she explained: "I was promoting a Bubble childcare app and the amount of hate I got from the mum police, the mum brigade, whatever you want to call them is actually disgusting.

"It was like I was promoting 'get a local murderer around your house to look after your child'.

Dani Dyer posted a picture with a friend which drew backlash (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

"Not everyone has a mum or dad around the corner to help support them and I am so lucky to have an amazing support system but I can't always depend on my family and I don't understand why I can't talk about a trustworthy app where people can look after your child. So, I feel people need to chill out."

Dani shares son Santiago with Sammy Kimmence, who was jailed for 42 months for fraud in July. She called out the trolls for claiming she makes 'everyone sick' and is a 's*** mum'.

She later asked people to be more considerate of her feelings, adding: "I have a heart. I have feelings.

Dani Dyer thanked her followers for their support following the backlash (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

"I have been under such more scrutiny and feel people judge me every single day on situations they know nothing about. I feel people need to chill out."

Dani then emphasised the safety of the the app and reassured her fans that she would not put her child or anyone else’s in danger.

"It's just a childcare app. It's very trustworthy. It's all been checked.

"Do you really think I'm going to promote anything that's going to put anyone's child at risk of any danger?” She vented.

"Honestly, it's just too much sometimes."

Following the backlash, Dani's followers came out in support and sent dozens of uplifting and supportive messages. One fan said: "Thank you dani. We have no family close by and with a 7 month year old [it's] so good to know I can use a trusted app that you have advertised if needed.

"Ignore them haters how dare them make you feel s*** about helping other people."

Another grateful follower shared: "We love you!! You're an unbelievable mummy just for the way you love your son."

Sarah Hesz, CCO of Bubble and fellow working Mum, further supported Dani, and other mums for taking time for themselves. "Childcare is always going to be a highly emotive topic. It's not easy to find people to leave your kids with. But giving yourself a break and finding time to be yourself without kids is also an important part of being a parent," she explained.

“No one should feel shamed about taking time to do things they enjoy - whether a parent or not. The reality for most parents – particularly single parents is that it’s really hard to find time for yourself. No one is a bad parent for taking some time for themselves, and as Dani said - not everyone is lucky enough to have family nearby willing to drop everything to look after your kids.”

Featured Image Credit: Dani Dyer/Instagram

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