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Charlotte Dawson Hits Out At Trolls Following Criticism Over Weight Loss Journey

Charlotte Dawson Hits Out At Trolls Following Criticism Over Weight Loss Journey

You tell ‘em Charlotte.

Charlotte Dawson has lashed out at critics who have trolled her after her three stone weight loss.

The 29-year-old decided to overhaul her fitness regime earlier this year, after she was warned that she was in danger of developing type 2 diabetes.

The reality TV star also developed gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her son Noah – and has since believed her diet consisting of chips and gravy may have exacerbated the diagnosis.

Charlotte gained weight in when pregnant (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

Taking to her Instagram page, Charlotte shared a video of her new slimmed down figure, and wrote a caption explaining her new look to her 1.3 million followers.

“Check Chazza out! Do ya think I’m sexehhh?!” she asked, playfully, before issuing a statement to trolls.

“If you have nothing nice to say please don’t comment on my posts you will get blocked,” she said, before detailing the sorts of comments some nay-sayers write on her page.

“These are the best ones: ‘I’m only funny when I was fat,’ ‘Your funny faces are only funny when you were fat.’

“I’m still Chazza the real funny bird just I’ve lost timber for the right reasons! ! For my health.. and I’m proud I still have a bit of my mum tum and my stretch marks.”

Charlotte was urged by doctors to get fit (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

Charlotte added: “Only being positive now. I can now run around after Noah.”

Charlotte decided to focus on fitness after she told doctors she was starting to feel “a bit funny”.

She said: "I started this fitness journey with the goal of avoiding type two diabetes because I had gestational diabetes and was warned I was still in danger after Noah was born.”

And Charlotte says she will always be 'funkeh' (
Instagram - charlottedawsy)

She added: "My dad had it and died when I was just eight-months-old, so it really was a wakeup call to start getting fit."

When posting her first work out to Instagram, Charlotte said she wanted to be “a little less chunkeh but always funkeh.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - charlottedawsy

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