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Brooklyn Beckham Fans Baffled By 'Disgusting' Pasta Recipe

Brooklyn Beckham Fans Baffled By 'Disgusting' Pasta Recipe

The internet is divided over Brooklyn Beckham's unique method for making pasta.

Brooklyn Beckham has made a name for himself for being a successful model, photographer and fashion maven with the help of his famous parents ex-footballer David Beckham and ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

Now, the young star is adding a new role to his CV and no, it's not football or pop superstardom. Brooklyn is on his way to becoming a social media chef.

He regularly posts clips showing his culinary skills, from frying French toast to preparing steak quesadillas and everything in between. However, his recipe for a regular bowl of pasta and sauce has caused quite the stir online.

Check out Brooklyn's recipe below:

Brooklyn’s post has been flooded with messages critiquing his pasta recipe. The 22-year-old named the dish “spicy tomato cream pasta” and to make it he mixed crushed tomatoes and pasta sauce from a jar and poured them into a pan before mixing them together with milk.

He then boiled pasta and integrated them into the pan with grated Parmesan cheese over the top before spooning a portion into a bowl for dinner.

Brooklyn added cream to his tomato pasta sauce (

The unusual recipe caught the attention of chefs and Italians in the comments section who criticised the use of tomatoes and cream in the same dish, as well as using tomatoes from a jar. 

One person wrote in Italian: “He is handsome but the sauce cannot be cooked like this”

Another Italian follower commented: “I love you, but noooooo.”

A third woman said: “Cream and tomato in the same plate Is that a kind of revenge on Italian people for the Euro cup?

Brooklyn's pasta has caused controversy online (

“Come to visit us and I will be glad to cook a 'pasta al sugo' for you and your beautiful fiancé.”

While another commenter had a very strong reaction: "I'm Italian, I like you but sorry this is not pasta! You can not put milk and tomato together, it's really disgusting,"

However not everyone was against the dish. Victoria gave her son some much needed support, writing: “Looks amazing!!! X”

How do you like your pasta?

Featured Image Credit: Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

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