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Woman In Tears After Major Manicure Fail

Woman In Tears After Major Manicure Fail

We feel your pain, girl!

A woman was in floods of tears after a falling victim to a major manicure fail, showing her TikTok followers the devastating end result.

The TikToker, named @TiaGillx, recorded herself in the car after coming out of her nail appointment, revealing that she was heartbroken over the disappointing design.

Through tears and swollen eyes, she told her followers: "I'm sat in the car crying because I've just been and got my nails done. And I wanted, like, a baby pink ombré colour, and this is what she's done to me. What the f**k?"

Rather than a soft pink shade, the TikToker revealed that her nails were a burnt orange colour that faded into white at the tips.

Despite her heartbreak, some people couldn't help but giggle at Tia's misfortune.

"They look like candy corn sweets from America what u get for Halloween ahaha" commented one viewer.

"Reminds me of cigarette ends in the street" joked another.

The TikToker was left devastated with the end result. (

Some viewers asked Tia why she didn't simply say anything to her nail technician when she was unhappy with the end result.

"You watched her do them" commented one person.

"You know when she's sitting in front of you and she's [putting] the colour on your nails, yeah that's normally when you say something" added another.

Tia replied: "I didn't say anything because some people are just like that I never do in these situations I wish I was as brave as all yous."

Some viewers asked why she didn't stop the nail artist sooner. (

In other TikTok news, millennials were shocked when they saw a Gen-Z TikToker mistake an old-school gadget for a "vintage hair clip' this week.

After coming across an iPod Shuffle, one user fastened it to her hair and asked her followers: "What do you guys think?" featuring the hashtags #vintage #antique.

Thankfully, we weren't the only ones who felt ancient after coming across this video. Millennial viewers were found rushing to the comments to support one another after suffering the devastating blow.

"BRB gotta lay down to process this for the next 3-5 business days," commented one viewer.

We're with you there.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/tiagillx

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