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Peanut Butter Cup Hair Is The Perfect Colour For Autumn

Peanut Butter Cup Hair Is The Perfect Colour For Autumn

Want a low-maintenance but gorgeous new look for your hair? The Peanut Butter Cup Hair trend might just be for you.

Over lockdown, many of us went down the rabbit hole of bleaching our hair as a way of coping. But, even though ‘blondes have more fun’, we know that constantly bleaching our brunette hair is not good for us. 

So, what do you do if you want to change it up in a low-key, low commitment way? Enter Peanut Butter Cup Hair, aka the perfect colour to try this Autumn.

This new hair trend is the best option, combining elements of balayage and bleaching while limiting the damage done to your natural hair. It also incorporates other popular hair trends like face-framing and curtain bangs, making sure that you look as gorgeous as you (hopefully) feel.

With Peanut Butter Cup Hair, brunettes can keep most of their natural colour while still incorporating some blonde highlights and embodying “blondes can have more fun” this season.

Jessica Patching, Founder of Marla Hair, told Tyla: “The Peanut butter cup hair trend is perfect for the Autumn season. We are going to be seeing this look more and more in the salon.”

“So many of our clients at Marla love to change their hair colour when it comes to a new season and especially when hair extensions are involved as it really accentuates the look. The tones of this look are very Autumnal and fit perfectly for the season,” she continued.

Samatha Cusick, founder of Samantha Cusick London, added: “Deeper brunettes and deeper hair tones are always favoured for Autumn with the addition of the golden face frame also known as ‘peanut butter cup hair' and will help lift complexions.”

This trend has been adapted from the classic balayage look but is both “softer and more adaptable,” Cusick says. 

The look is very flattering for brunettes as this colouring technique is low maintenance and can be both “soft and subtle”. Patching says, “It enables people with darker hair types to add tones in the most natural way. Golds, chocolates and rich caramels are all flattering shades on the right skin tone without being too bold.” 

She also thinks this trend is suitable for most face shapes and skin tones. 

For those wanting to try this trend but not knowing where to start, both Cusick and Patching have some advice: do not try this at home. 

“We would not recommend trying this at home as it is a specialist technique that should be done by professionals only,” Cusick said.

She advises asking for “a richer brunette tone and soft face framing in a lighter tone,” while Patching says you should “ask your colourist to balayage your hair with soft caramel and gold tones making sure to use face framing techniques around the front and slightly higher up.”

Both also advocate for bringing in a picture to guide the salon on what you want so that you and your stylist are “on the same track”. 

If you are looking for a new look this month, maybe the Peanut Butter Cup Hair trend is for you.

Featured Image Credit: Reese's UK

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