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Lash Tech Reveals Why You Should Never Wear Fake Tan To An Appointment

Lash Tech Reveals Why You Should Never Wear Fake Tan To An Appointment

Talk about a fake tan fail.

A lash tech has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a cautionary tale about what happens when you wear fake tan to a lash appointment. 

We all like to be looking glam for a night out and getting our hair, nails, lashes and tan in order can seem like something you need a spreadsheet for at times, with making sure everything is in peak condition at just the right time. 

Clearly this one client wanted to be organised and thought she’d let her faux glow develop while having her lashes done. But on this occasion, multitasking didn’t pay off.

TikTok creator All Made Up Studio (@allmadeupstudio) posted a video of the client who’d turned up to a lash appointment wearing fake tan.

When the protective cosmetic pads underneath her eyes were removed following the lash treatment, so too was her fake tan. What was left were two awkward white patches underneath her eyes which resemble panda eyes, but in reverse. 

On the up side, she’s got some natural highlighting when it comes to doing her makeup?

You can watch the video below. 

The caption in the video says: “This is why you don’t wear fake tan to your eyelash appointment.”

The video has received more than 180,000 likes and 1,100 comments and it looks as though this girl wasn’t the only one to make this mistake. 

“Made this mistake,” commented one TikTok user, laughing.

“HAHAHHAHA ME,” said another.

“So glad I saw this before the appointment,” commented another.

“Noted,” said another.

Lash technician reveals why you shouldn't wear fake tan to a lash appointment. (

“It looks like concealer,” observed another.

“At least it looks like she has naturally lighter skin under her eyes now so no need for concealer,” another pointed out, looking on the er… bright side.

“Omg hahah,” said another.

"At least the lashes look gorg," the caption in the video read at the end.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Hayley Kim Design

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