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Beautician Warns Eyelash Curlers Are Ruining Your Lashes

Beautician Warns Eyelash Curlers Are Ruining Your Lashes

Step away from the eyelash curlers!

A beautician on TikTok has issued a warning over lash curlers, revealing she always advises clients not to use them on natural lashes.

You can watch the video below:

Posting the clip on TikTok, @ipsbeauty, explained: "So today while I was cleansing my client's lashes, I noticed so many natural lashes that looked like they had been cut, they looked blunt.

"Do you know why they looked this way?

"It's because she uses eyelash curlers! We do not recommend anyone to use eyelash curlers on natural lashes.

"They're a quick fix for getting lifted lashes but they are so damaging and literally cut your natural lashes!"

This has blown our minds!

The beautician warned against using lash curlers (

And other TikTokers were blown away by the advice, with many claiming they had also experienced short lashes.

One wrote: "My eyelash curlers ripped out my lashes and took three months to grow back fully, I don't recommend."

While another said: "Yes! I stopped using lash curlers and my lashes are much longer now."

And a third added: "I stopped curling mine and now I actually have eye lashes."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Yup mine got cut and my lashes are recovering now. I got a lash lift instead."

The woman explained the curlers can cut the lashes (

In other beauty news, we told you earlier in the week how one hairdresser revealed how much shampoo you should be using.

Taking to TikTok to share their top tips about keeping your tresses healthy, hair expert @sarahbrawleyhair demonstrated the professional way to shampoo and wash your locks.

First, they recommend making sure the hair is completely wet through, before reaching over and squeezing out a walnut-sized blob of shampoo into the palm of their hand.

The stylist then works the shampoo between their hands to build it up, before applying to the hair.

You can read more and watch the video here.

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