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Snapchat Now Has Filters Especially For Your Pets

Snapchat Now Has Filters Especially For Your Pets

Snapchat has released filters especially for you to use with your cat, and they are adorable.

Previously, Snapchat filters were only programmed to recognise the human face, which made it really frustrating when you tried to do a face swap with your furry friend.

But these new filters allow cat owners to make their pets look even cuter with a unicorn horn, glasses or a flower crown.


You can distinguish which filters are specifically made for your pet by looking for the blue paw icon.

The majority of users are absolutely delighted, although there are still some people who are unhappy about the filters only being available for cats.

Some dog owners are not happy about the update and questioned why it was tailor made for felines and not their beloved pooches.


One wrote: "What?!? For cats? What kind of sick world is this?? Make lenses for dogs!!"

Another added: "This is the first thing positive snap has done in two years that customers actually wanted. It's a shame it involves cats #teamdog".

With a third chiming in: "What about dogs?!!! Dogs are better than any cat!!!!"

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However, some people did argue that sometimes the human filters do work on dogs.

Snapchat filters aren't the only benefit of being a cat owner, as being one is apparently good for your health.

Psychologist Dr Danielle Forshee Dr Danielle is both a licensed clinical social worker and a doctor of psychology, so you'd better believe she's right when she says that talking to your pet has health benefits.

She claims that when talking with your pet, you develop and sustain a bond that's healthy for the both of you, as it has a positive affect on your mental health.


Your pets can also provide you with a whole host of other health benefits too.

Dr Danielle believes that owning a pet helps fight depression and can even prevent heart disease and help to lower blood pressure.


Her studies have shown that communicating with a pet cat or dog can control stress better than the drug usually used to treat high blood pressure.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Snapchat

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