Women Wear Matching Bikinis To Make Stand Against Body Shaming

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Women Wear Matching Bikinis To Make Stand Against Body Shaming

Two Instagram influencers have posed for pictures wearing the same bikinis to make powerful points on body shaming.

Dani Austin and Sarah Tripp met recently on the social media platform, and have each shared a poignant message on embracing your shape and knowing that you're so much more than your dress sizes.

Both have different-shaped (and equally as beautiful) figures, Dani and Sarah have both experienced body-shaming.

"Alright sassy mamas, let's get real about body shaming!This is my girl @sassyredlipstick," shared Dani. "She is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite people to follow!"


The influencer explained that her friend has unfairly been body shamed over her curvy figure.

She continued: "Sarah tells me that she receives so many mean comments that she's "overweight", "unhealthy", or "a bad role model". It's so rude and so ridiculous! I honestly can't think of anyone who's a better role model than Sarah.

"Her only goal is to help us ladies feel confident, SASSY, and love our bodies no matter the size!"


Again pointing out that women are so more than their bodies, she continued: "She's so sweet, positive, and empowering and truly cares about each and every one of her followers. Plus, that girl has KILLER style."

After heaping on the praise for her friend, the Instagram influencer drew on her own experience to point out: "She's so much more than her body... and so am I! I've also received hurtful comments about my body over the years on social media.

"People telling me to "eat a sandwich" or saying I look "unhealthy." I'm sure we've all been hurt by something that was said about us or maybe we have a little voice inside our heads telling us we aren't pretty, smart, or successful enough.


"Sarah and I believe that we are ALL so much more than what you see on the outside and the truth is, we don't need the approval of others to find our self worth. The ultimate form of girl power is self-confidence.


"And even though that's always a work in progress for most, it's one of my top goals.

"Let's all remember to love ourselves because empowered women empower women. Body shaming is never okay - let's remember that love and kindness are never wasted!"


Sarah shared the same picture to her own Instagram grid, flipping around Dani's comments to share her own perspective on the matter.

"I know that these bootylicious curves makes me sexy, strong, and stylish! I also know that my self-worth does not depend on the size of my jeans or what other people say about me," she declared, continuing: "Please remember, body shaming is never okay!! and we should all speak kind words to each other online and in real life.

"Your words have power and meaning. and we could all benefit from spreading a little more love and positivity."

If there's one message you take away from social media today, make it this one.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Dani Austin

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