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Mum Shares Empowering Pictures Of Cellulite And Scars After Dropping 8 Stone

Mum Shares Empowering Pictures Of Cellulite And Scars After Dropping 8 Stone

Sarah Nicole Landry, 34, shares pictures of her stretch marks online to help women overcome body image issues

Tiffany Lo

Tiffany Lo

A mother-of-three has been proudly sharing pictures of her stretch marks and scars online to promote body positivity among women.

Sarah Nicole Landry, of Ontario, Canada, gave birth to three children - Maya 12, Jemma 10, and Boden, eight - by the age of 25 and her weight had reached 16st 1lbs in 2013.

But she managed to lose eight stone through a mixture of diet and exercise.

Expecting to feel more confident after dropping sizes, Sarah says actually felt insecure about her body image.

"Before I felt so alone in having cellulite on my butt and scars on my stomach, but no one was showing that on my newsfeed," she said.

She stopped following accounts that made her feel bad about herself and started looking at positive ones and she says it helped her to become less judgemental and changed her mind set.

The 34-year-old kept reminding herself her worth was not determined by her physique nor appearance.

She said: "My body is this way for a reason, and that I didn't have to keep perfecting it, being less than perfect was terrifying before but now it's not.

"I feel a lot more confident about it now and remind myself that my body has nothing to do with my self-worth."

Sarah wanted to send body-positive messages to help other woman to embrace their post-pregnant bodies.

She started posting pictures of her belly and bum on social media sites.

She wrote on Instagram: "I've been incredibly candid about my road to accepting my stretch-marked-loose-skin belly and much to my own surprise, a while ago I stopped saving up for that tummy tuck.

"I was finding joy and peace in my body."

Sarah's pictures gathered thousands of likes and encouraged thousands of responses. One user said: "You are an amazing role model to woman and all mothers! Thank you for inspiring me today. I just had my 2nd baby in November and I've been being hard on myself lately when I look in the mirror at my post partum body. But just seeing your posts inspire me to embrace my flaws and I think you are so beautiful!"

There have been hundreds of thousands pictures posted with hashtag 'bodypositive' and 'stretchmark' on Instagram, and singer Rihanna also shared pictures showing off her stretch marks and leg hair.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram