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This Record-Breaking Rollercoaster Just Opened And the Video Will Make Your Stomach Turn

This Record-Breaking Rollercoaster Just Opened And the Video Will Make Your Stomach Turn

The Canadian roller coaster features a 360 degree loop, four inversions and an underwater section and stands at 245 ft tall...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

For some, the thought of riding a rollercoaster is enough to send adrenaline coursing through their veins. For others, it's enough to make their breakfast repeat on them.

Well, anyone with a fear of heights may want to look away as the world's tallest dive roller coaster has just opened to the public.

The Yukon Striker has just opened in Canada's Wonderland and it stands at a staggering 245 feet, giving it the new record-breaking title. It is also the world's fastest dive coaster in the world (boasting speeds of 80 mph) and the longest (measuring 3,625 ft).

Canada Wonderland

The Yukon Striker, which officially opens to the public on 3 May, is also the first dive coaster with a 360-degree loop and it's floorless, meaning thrill-seekers' legs will be dangling during the ride.

In total, there are four inversions during the three-minute, 25-second ride, which is sure to get stomach's turning. It even goes into an underwater tunnel.

The ride opened early to competition winners over the weekend, but is due to open to members of the public this Friday. Until then, Canada's Wonderland, based in Vaughan, has released a point-of-view video of the ride, for those who can't get to Canada or are just too scared to ride... (Hi!)

Norm Pirtovshek, general manager of Canada's Wonderland, said: "At its summit, you'll experience three seconds of complete exhilaration as you stare directly down 245 feet at 90 degrees into an underwater tunnel."

Dive coasters are differentiated from regular roller coasters due to one or more straight drops. On a dive coaster, passengers will experience a moment of free-falling at approximately 90-degrees.

While the Yukon Striker smashes record in the dive coaster league, it's still not the tallest, fastest or longest roller coaster in the world. According to Coaster Grotto, The Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the fastest at 150 mph, the Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land in Japan is the longest at 8,133 feet and the Kingda Ka at Six Flags Adventure Park is the tallest, coming it at a massive 465 feet.
Canada's Wonderland

The Yukon Striker is inspired by a story beginning in 1897, where men and women venture into the "untamed wilderness" of northern Canada on the promise of gold.

"Most prospectors are doomed to fail. The journey is treacherous along the Chilkoot Trail, a steep and punishing climb high into the coastal mountain range. The seasons are extreme and the back country, for all its raw beauty, is unyielding," the story reads.

"Among the lawless boom towns and outposts, only a few will succeed in this quest for glory. A Golden Eagle soars high on the winds watching the perilous hunt."

The story ends, asking thrill-seekers: "Who will endure the longest journey? Who will conquer the tallest mountain pass, the treacherous terrain and rise worthy of the name YUKON STRIKER..."

Featured Image Credit: Canada's Wonderland

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