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Woman Shares Super Easy Hack To Keep White Socks Clean

Woman Shares Super Easy Hack To Keep White Socks Clean

No longer do you need to throw your dirty white socks in the bin, because this cleaning hack will bring them up like new.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

We've all been there.

Your fresh white socks coated in grass stains from summer afternoons where we've kicked off our shoes.

And kids and teens are even worse, coming back in from playtime with friends or festivals with pals, throwing their now brown socks into the dirty laundry basket.

Manda shared a before and after picture.
Manda Goody

But dirty socks need not be a lost cause, because Manda Goody, 45, from Essex has commented on Mrs Hinch's Cleaning Tips Facebook page that there is a solution, so don't lose hope just yet.

Thanking the group for the tip, she commented how she soaked her daughter's brand new Tommy Hilfiger white socks in the sink with an unwrapped dishwasher tablet before throwing them into the machine with washing powder.

She said in her post: "Before/after my 19 year old daughters brand new Tommy Hilfiger socks on her return from a festival thanks to you lovely lot, a soak in a dishwasher tablet, then rinsed and a soak in vanish.

Dishwasher tablets seem a popular solution to dirty whites in the Facebook group.
Nicola Irvine

"Once washed through machine they came up like this."

The before and picture shows that they've come up almost like new.

Everyone was quick to ask Manda questions on her hack, that had also been shared previously in the group.

Everybody loves a cleaning tip!

Others shared how well dishwasher tablet work on whites in the group.
Kirsty Crowley

Manda told Pretty52: "My daughter returned from a festival and camping trip.

"Her brand new designer socks looked doomed and destined for the bin. I remembered the tip that dishwasher tablets work a treat on stubborn stains.

She shared: "I had read this on the wonderful Facebook community page that is Mrs Hinch's cleaning tips. I ran a bowl of hot water put the socks in and threw in a supermarket own brand dishwasher tablet.

"I soaked for 24 hours then rinsed. The water was dirty so I knew something was working. I then soaked them for another 24 hours in Vanish Oxy power powder.

Adding: "Then I rinsed and put on a 40 degree wash using Arial liquid for whites."

She continued: "The results were astonishing! Nearly 300 likes on Facebook. The socks were saved!"

"It was an excellent tip - it really works as you can see by the photos."

We'll certainly be giving it a go - spending money on new white socks is hardly our favourite thing to do.

Less new socks = more weekend cocktails. Sold!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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