A First Dates Game Is Here To Make Everything Oh So Awkward

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A First Dates Game Is Here To Make Everything Oh So Awkward

First Dates makes my heart melt more or less every time I watch the show. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic, and I think I get a bit too emotionally involved in the dates.

I love the waiting staff too and was gutted when this happened...

I'm always rooting for the couples to want to see each other at the end, and I love that the programme really captures the essence of first dates - awkwardness.


A game inspired by the show has now been created, and it sounds like the perfect thing to play on a first date. It tests how well you know your family and friends while being ever so cringe.

First Dates: The Game claims to recreate the "excruciating moments" of an initial date in the comfort of your own home. Sounds ideal.

Players pair up with a pretend or real date, and the game runs over three courses - starter, main and dessert. Each course gets more provocative as well.


Starter questions include: Who could down a pint the fastest or who has weirder parents?

Main course questions could be: Who is less talented or who has got the best toilet story?

Even worse, the dessert questions may be: Who has already peaked in life or who is better at faking an orgasm? Brutal.


Each team can gain points by guessing the same answer as each other, and the other players get to watch the whole thing in all its awkward glory. They can get points by speculating on the outcomes of the cards for each couple too.

Whether you're a fan or not of the show, the game sounds addictive. TBH what game is there like this where you can watch your family and friends squirm as they discover their other half thinks they are capable of having an awful toilet story?

The set, created by Big Potato Games, costs £22.99 from and let's face it, it's a cheaper alternative to couples therapy.

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